Aspire Combat Sports Academy opens in Liverpool

11223741_453823598118600_2677742648567542872_nOn the Road with Addicted MMA paid a visit to Aspire Combat Sports Academy in Liverpool this week, as the new facility opened its doors to the public for the first time.

A consortium of top domestic fighters Danny Roberts, Dean Garnett and Aaron Robinson have come together to create an advanced facility for their fight team, the city’s youngsters and anybody looking to stay fit and learn a range of combat sports disciplines.

Top Cage Warriors bantamweight Dean Garnett showed us around the new premises on Liverpool’s Queen’s Drive. Upon entering you are greeted by the Primal Cafe, a separate business but also a part of the gym. A range of foods are on offer in a fresh, well-designed seating area, all built around paleo dieting and geared towards keeping your body in its best condition.


Downstairs is home to vast matted area, walled on both sides for grappling drills with ample storage for the facility’s equipment. Changing rooms and showers all finished to a high standard make this one of the freshest facilities for combat sports in the North West.

Garnett was clear that Aspire Combat sports is designed for people to train all disciplines of Mixed Martial Arts without the outdated branding of a single art. The mats were busy with students of all levels taking part in Kickboxing, Gi and No-Gi grappling. The upstairs is a broad space undergoing renovation to become a state of the art Strength & Conditioning unit with office space for consultations and conference rooms for the fighters to study future opponents.

Coaching at Aspire will be Dean and Aaron Robinson themselves, along with Phil Turner from Liverpool Vale Tudo. Turner has welcomed the guys to LVT over the course of the past year and appears to be more than happy to lend a hand in raising the profile of MMA and combat sports in the city.

Take a look at the short clip below and make sure you get along to Aspire Combat Sports. There’s a lot of work to go in the next eight weeks before Aspire can look at a grand opening but if what they have so far is anything to go by this will be a superb facility.

Classes during the opening week are FREE to all and open to all levels in a relaxed environment with no egos. There is also an opportunity to sample Primal Chef foods within the facility.

You can follow ASPIRE COMBAT SPORTS ACADEMY  on social media for class timetables.
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