Nick Osipczak and Kyle Redfearn double injury revealed

11748622_10152892853602657_2087598790_nBack on June 27, Macto Championships held its debut show at the Arena MK in Milton Keynes. It was a highly anticipated show that didn’t fail to impress with its high-class production values and big name fighters all vying to compete on the promotion that heralded itself as the evolution of domestic promotions.

As we have mentioned, a vast array of top talent competed on the card and headlining the evening was the return of TUF and UFC veteran Nick Osipczak.

As we all know by now, Osipczak got the all important win, but it certainly came at a great cost; immediately after the contest began, Osipczak’s opponent Kyle Redfearn threw caution to the wind and came out of his corner quickly landing a huge overhand right. The blow almost took Osipczak off his feet and stunned the audience.

Point of Contact.

11751061_10152892827437657_1407271410_nIt was a breathtaking start to the fight and even after five years out of the game Osipczak was still the favourite, but as Redfearn’s fist landed it shattered Ospiczak’s orbital bone. However, at the same time, Redfearn’s hand broke.

This is what Nick Osipczak had to tell us:

“After my five-year break from competition, my timing was slightly off, and the very first NOvKR 0299punch fractured my orbital bone causing immediate double vision. This meant abandoning the game plan I had to utilise my striking skills. Instead I had to adapt and get the fight to the ground as soon as possible. My Tai Chi training helped me fight on when my vision was down, and giving up never crossed my mind. I have since had surgery, I am healing quickly, and looking forward to my next fight for Macto Championships.”

With Macto Championships having their second show pencilled in at the start of September, it seems highly unlikely we will see Osipczak return by then. However, an apt return date could be Macto 3, planned for November.

We at AddictedOTR wish both Nick and Kyle speedy and healthy recoveries.

All images courtesy of Macto and our very own Marc Moggridge.