Shock n Awe 21 Undercard Preview: The Time is Now

11053655_848754381840719_7645384248968173477_oThe Portsmouth based Shock n Awe martial arts promotion has been diligently going about its business for a number of years now, it’s well documented about the high level of match-making that has made the show a birthing pool for future stars of the sport. With many confounded by the slump in the UK industry that has seen the likes of many of this nation’s top shows take a backward step, due to the lack of funding, negative press and many other issues, Shock n Awe have soldiered on.

Going back to their roots they defied the norm by reinvesting in the amateur ranks, and ploughing those fields in an attempt to source the next wave of mma stars that the South of England had hidden away. For two long years these young men and women have fought under the shadows of the bigger names that have highlighted the continued ranking bothering match-ups higher on the cards that have been on display at the Mountbatten Centre on the outskirts of this naval city.

Many of these fighters are now either turning pro or on the cusp of it, they have won wars and earned the spurs that will take them confidently in the professional ranks. They have heard their names screamed by friends and fans as they have made that long walk to the cage, they have suffered at the hands of their opponents and repaid it in kind. They have known how it feels to win and they know their are still greater challenges awaiting them.


For many of them they know that this Nov 21st: `The Time is Now’.


Run your eyes over the amateur segment of this November’s card and you could be forgiven for thinking it was a full card, littered with homegrown names and amateur title bouts that could headline many great UK shows is evidence of the cultivation that has been happening here.

GYM01, NFM, Oxford Shoot, Mad Hatters, Ippon MMA, Pro Systems MMA, ARBJJ and God’s of War are just a few of the top gym’s that will have fighters representing them on a seriously intimidating and challenging undercard. Everyone of these fight students will understand the pride involved on a showcase like this, and everyone of them will come in well prepared and capable of winning their fight.

+205lbs Title

Kyle Bond 1.0.0. (Gym01) vs Alex Hinton 0.0.0. (Pro Systems MMA)

U170lbs Title

Ben Dyson 0.0.0. (Ippon MMA) vs Thomas Mathias 0.0.0. (Mad Hatters MMA)

U155lbs Title

Chris Tallis 3.1.0. (Gym01) vs Phillip Kite 3.4.0. (Kenny Baker MMA)

U145lbs Title

Alec Connelly 7.2.0. (Mad Hatters) vs Ethan Charlesworth 4.0.0. (Oxford Shoot)

U135lbs Title

Rees Kenny 3.0.0. (ARBJJ) vs Adam Amasinghe 2.0.0. (NFM)

U125lbs Title

Mark Wade 5.2.0. (Gods of War) vs Elliott Hoye 6.3.0. (Pro Systems MMA)

U145lbs FEMALE

Bethany Thomas 1.0.0. (ARBJJ) vs Christina Thorne 0.0.0. (Graham`s Academy)


Sam Spokes 2.3.0. (Pro Systems MMA) vs Gareth Hales (Castle Martial Arts)


Alex Bodnar 2.0.0. (Gym01) vs Liam Fulforth 4.4.0. (Kenny Baker BJJ)


Nicholas Fielding 3.1.0. (Guilford MMA) vs Danny Williams 3.4.0. (Wolfpack MMA)


Mike Deaguiar 4.4.0. (Gym01) vs Aaron Laleye 3.0.0. (Gods of War)


Paulius Gribenas 0.0.0. (Lithuania) vs Rod Phelps 2.2.0. (Poole Cage)


Ollie Southern 0.0.0. (Gym01) vs Liudvikas Maciulevicius 1.1.1. (Lithuania)


Ed Donnelly 0.0.0. (Gym01) vs Dean Fredricks 0.0.0. (Exile MMA)


James Wark 0.0.0. (Gym01) vs Jono Bate 0.0.0. (Vectis MMA)

Later this week, we at AddictedOTR will take a look at the Shock n Awe 21 main card, you can also expect the show to feature heavily in our AddictedOTR fight picks article where our staff pick out the fights we are most looking forward too.


12122436_1488610114766158_1013150927225172381_nShock n Awe 21 will also be available for viewing live at our PPV partners MMATV for a measly £7.

You can find this service here.


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