Addicted Picks: The Weekend’s ones to watch

We’ve gathered the thoughts of the team again to bring you a brief look at the fights we’re looking forward to this weekend. Once again our partners at MMA TV have a PPV offering for you too. The long standing South Coast stand out show Shock N’ Awe comes to LIVE stream for the first time.

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Shock n Awe 21:Main Card Preview: Super Saturday ?

11053655_848754381840719_7645384248968173477_oSuper Saturday did it say in the title? But it hasn’t been called that you may ask yourself, let’s be honest it’s hard to escape from the fact that Shock n Awe 21 has a Cage Warriors Super Saturday feel about it, but for the South Coast fight fans.

It may not be two professional fight cards put together as Cage Warriors made waves doing, but it is easily a pro full card and a full high level amateur card slammed together leaving us with 23 fights to sit through. And many of these fights are absolute humdingers that have everybody that owns a ticket counting the days down.

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