My 2016 fanboy wish list

Whether during an international pay-per-view, or whilst sat in a local sports hall watching a couple of mismatched amateurs tentatively move around the cage ; as discerning MMA fans, every one of us has sat there and thought “why would you make that fight?”


Having had the pleasure/fortune/misfortune (delete as applicable) of witnessing firsthand the sheer difficulty in threading together a fight card when I watched my good friends Wad Alameddine and James Lutman work on Macto in June, my sympathy for promoters and match makers has multiplied exponentially. Fight fans often forget the human element involved. The fighters themselves. Are they fit? Are they available? Does this fight suit them? Is it right for their career at the moment? There are a plethora of variables which the rest of us fail to consider when asking the initial question. You often need the perfect storm of circumstance to be able to create the fight of your dreams.


Now I sit firmly on the other side of the fence, I can put aside all of these issues. The joy of journalism is that you can weave fantasy with reality; so tonight, I’ve donned my match maker’s hat and thought “what would I like to see in 2016?” Here’s a few fights I would definitely pay to watch:

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Killacam 9: The Invasion: Review

12034316_1630995397154340_957929087920628438_oCameron Else has kept himself busy this year, as well as a successful BAMMA debut last month he has also been diligently building his Killacam promotion on the side. Many may ask what would a domestic promotion on the East coast of England have to offer the UK’s MMA scene? Those people are yet to attend a Killacam show, because this is a show that has stood up on its own two feet and is sending out the message that it is here to stay.

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