Exclusive: WFS 5 bout update


One thing that separates top promotions with the run-of-the-mill crowd is the ability to deal with a tough situation and come out of it in a stronger position. This week Warrior Fight Series have done just that. Loud, brash and infamous UK middleweight Leeroy Barnes’ bout on WFS 5 had been put in doubt when he correctly predicted that his initial opponent wouldn’t make the cage walk with him. Rather than lose the fight or offer an inferior challenge, promoter Harry Shoebridge has proved his talent yet again by not only pulling a rabbit out of the hat, he’s gone and snared a tiger. In an exclusive chat with On The Road with Addicted, Shoebridge revealed that he’s booked Andy Manzolo (9-3) to step into the breach and challenge the rejuvenated Barnes.

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Addicted Picks: The 2016 breakthrough edition


Though we’re a disparate group of contributors; at On The Road with Addicted, we often chat about fighters across the spectrum of the mixed martial arts world. Of course, the McGregor hype train has been talked about at length; but equally, as we all attend regional and national events we regularly discuss the new breed of athlete coming up through the ranks. The men and women littering our UK amateur scene. 

As MMA is hindered by the inconsiderate Christmas and New Year break, rather than our usual ‘Addicted Picks’ piece, we’ve each chosen an amateur fighter who we think will make waves in 2016. Keep your eyes open for these guys. 

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