Almighty Fighting Championships: Further bouts added to card.


Fledgling MMA promotion Almighty Fighting Championships have today announced the addition of four more bouts to their April 2nd card; two professional and two amateur.

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Linzi (Stingrae) Edwards: “I do love a belt”

Words by Beccy Davies.

received_208706676142196For my first fighter interview rather than a team interview, I wanted to approach somebody that I had admired for a long time mostly for her tenacity in and out of the ring, and because she is somebody who sets goals and sticks to them. My subject is to be Linzi Edwards and is the female I think of when I think of how a Welsh girl is, which is very good natured, but don’t get on the wrong side of her. When I started Muay Thai out of Eagles in Cardiff , I would hear stories of a female from Celtic Pride who fought a couple of my friends at Interclubs. The only way they described her was “ A Beast, hard hitting and always on the front foot”. As I put my questions together I found myself adapting to her personality and seriously wanted to know more…

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Nathan Jones, you’ve been gone too long….



By the time Jones steps back into the octagon on Feb 27th at BAMMA 24 he’ll have spent nine long months away from competitive action. For a fighter on a 5-fight win streak, surely that can’t be ideal? But then again, perhaps The Supremes were Nostradamus-like in their prediction, when they sang “You said you had to get away to ease your mind, and all you needed was just a little time”; we’ll see when Mr Bag & Tag returns to action refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world along with his vision board in Dublin next month.

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Wilde vs Delaney to headline FCC 15

FCC%20LogoTim ‘The Experiment’ Wilde vs Martin ‘Diesel’ Delaney has today been announced as the second half of FCC 15’s double main event. The pair meet at the Macron Stadium on March 5 to contest the promotion’s newly-minted European lightweight title. Continue reading

Dan Movahedi: The man in the middle

10346219_10152373293246041_4603538614761359885_nBeing the third man in the ring is often a thankless job, apart from occasionally raising the ire of a demographic of fans for ensuring the safety of a fighter and allowing said fighter to not take any more unnecessary damage, the official can often come under attack from the same fighter whose health was protected in this situation. You ask any good referee what is his most important task during a competitive bout?

The answer is always the same, `the fighters health and safety’. Of course there is a lot more to the job than this, and the weight of responsibility hangs heavily around the neck of the man in black as he watches both combatants like a hawk.

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Almighty Fighting Championships: Bout Announcements


Today, new MMA promotion Almighty Fighting Championships have announced additional amateur bouts to their already promising inaugural card. Headlined by an intriguing 4-man flyweight tournament, Almighty have given us two more match ups to enjoy.

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The third piece of the equation


Oxford Dictionary definition:

A person who drops or sets bombs, especially as an act of terrorism or sabotage.

Urban dictionary definition:

A guy who gets a lot of girls. E.g.:

“Mikey is such a bomber”

“I know! He got with so many girls.”



When describing this particularly enigmatic incarnation of brilliance, who regularly doubles up as the third spoke of combat trinities up and down the country, I know which explanation I’ll always go for. There can be no doubt who I’m referring to, Suffolk’s answer to John Shaft crossed with Big John McCarthy, Ron ‘Bomber’ Frith.

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