BAMMA new boy calls out UK MMA veteran


Everyone loves a good grudge match, and the UK MMA scene is no different.

On Saturday, NFM’s BAMMA welterweight Terry ‘The Dominator’ Brazier called out one of the most well-known faces on the domestic scene, David ‘One More’ Round. In a post on his Facebook wall Brazier wrote:


The post attracted 192 ‘emotions’ and 17 shares. Round himself couldn’t resist responding in his own inimitable way:


Having extended his professional record to 5-1, a fight against a veteran such as Round (15-17) will certainly be a step up in experience for Brazier. We caught up with Terry to better understand his reasons for targeting the Welshman:

“I understand that he’s had a lot of fights and yeah he’s been about but the way he reacted when Alex M snapped his hamstring on Macto was shocking. I was only an amateur then so couldn’t call him out. Now I’m 5-1 I feel ready to voice my opinion about the matter and I’d like to fight him for that reason on top of the fact that he is in the progression of the type of fighter I want right now. He’s good but not great he’s experienced but I am more than capable of beating him so it just feels right. And after all good hype makes for a good fight and as for trash talking Dave Round is a world champion. Unlucky for him he can’t talk his way to a win with me.”

Something tells me this will only be the beginning. Stay with On The Road with Addicted to follow this feud.