Apocalypse Fight Series 2 : Review

Article by Ruarie Farrelly

12961509_541223112746537_7475260725313380766_nThe sport of mixed martial arts returned to Bognor Regis on Saturday 4th June in the shape of Apocalypse Fight Series 2. The ever flourishing South coast MMA scene has been providing an abundance of talent in recent years and it would appear that there could now be a regular stage in the unassuming town of Bognor for those that want to prove themselves at a higher level. Ten fights in total were on offer, including three grappling matches, and an appearance from UFC veteran Phil ‘Billy’ Harris.

The undercard opened with a ten minute long, single round grappling bout that pitted Edd Box and Daniel Goodall against each other. Over the duration of the round it was Goodall that appeared most eager to shoot for the takedown however Box seemed to have the ability to find himself in top position more often than not. With both failing to score any submissions over 10 minutes the fight was decided in overtime when Goodall was able to escape a defensive position quicker than his opponent.

Billy Clarke finished impressively with ground-and-pound against Braedon Carey in the first round of what was an entertaining 2 minutes and 58 seconds, making use of his ability to find the dominant positions.

Next up were two big guys in a very entertaining grappling bout. Fraser Cook from team Ivam Maciel and Matt Whyton from Andy Roberts BJJ locked horns but it was Cook that showed how experience and patience can pay off. Ultimately running out as a 3-0 winner, Cook held a lot of top position, and at 2-0 up he upped the pace and forced the third point with moments left in the bout.

David Renault beat James Wildey with an impressive first round finish, implementing heavy ground and pound with Wildey caught against the cage. He will be very pleased with his performance especially as there was only 1:23 on the clock when the fight ended.

The final fight of the undercard went the distance and was ultimately awarded to the impressively slick Jeffrey Almeida. Although his opponent, Pawel Lucaszcyk looked the most convincing of the two when striking it was Almeida’s overall game that would have convinced the judges to award him the unanimous decision. Radek Romanek and RIch Caplan got the main card off to speedy start, Caplan finishing his opponent at 2:59 of the first round with some incisive ground-and-pound. Romanek had looked sprightly early on but once Caplan establish top position the fight was only going one way.

Next it was time for UFC veteran Phil Harris to face off against Piotr Winiarek in another 10 minute grappling match. Success was measured in millimetres as these two approached the fight with calm and composure. Harris was the 1-0 winner, scoring his point early.

13419047_561793654022816_3894984837517885560_nThe room came alive as Ashley Kilvington faced off against Aaron Cronk. Kilvington was obviously the ‘hometown’ fighter and he aggressively took the fight to Cronk, dominating the first two rounds. In the third Cronk had a little more success, starting with a nice combination and gaining some time on top, but with Kilvington finishing strong once again the judges decided he had won by unanimous decision.

13330880_561788914023290_375560980544712615_nJay Tovee and Panikos Kleanthous was an exhausting battle between two really strong fighters, with Tovee besting his opponent on the ground particularly in the first and third rounds. Despite great effort on his behalf Tovee was unable to finish Kleanthous in the third, the judges gaining the final say and awarding him the victory via unanimous decision.

13346954_561788460690002_2300225798432977352_nThe main event of the evening saw probably the most explosive finish of the evening. Jack Lowe and Marc Domon had a game first round that was probably won by Lowe, with Domon arguably not using his reach to the obvious advantage it could give him. In round 2 Jack Lowes shin made intimate contact with Domon’s head. Domon was wobbled and Lowe swarmed and put an end to the bout at 1:19 of round 2. A worthy finish for a headline bout.


Images courtesy of Marc Moggridge and Apocalypse Fight Series.