Cage Warriors 76 : The Review

CWWArticle by Beccy Davies.


Saturday 4th June was a very important date in the Welsh calendar. The date that Richard Shore and Graham Boylan got together and Cage Warriors Wales was born. The card was packed full of Welsh and UK talent good enough to eat so I pulled up a chair at the table of MMA, took my pen and paper out and dined on a starter, main course and tasty dessert, fit for a Queen.

An old Queen at that.

Myself and my side kick Cherie Buck arrived to a seated area arranged for us by Colin Mould and team. I had already been to Painpit events held there in the past so I knew the layout of The Newport Centre. As we both settled into our seats, ready for the first fight on the Undercard of Unified Amateur talent, we both knew, with a card like that, we had better hold on tight for the night. It was also good to see the same team from Painpit in their respective places, running a tight ship as the evening rolled along.

There were a few bouts on the undercard that grabbed me.

Sean Scrivens v Jawany Scott had a good mix of Strong, Sharp Strikes with nice fluidity from both fighters leading to a decision to Jawany Scott.

Josh Hudson v Christian Duncan had some lovely techniques from Christian including a Sharp spinning back fist, but as Josh is one of my team mates, I knew his Judo would come into play and by god, did it just, with some lovely takedowns and an effortless fireman’s turn, Josh won via split decision.

There was some top talent on the Undercard which didn’t disappoint and with some marvellous MC’ing from the legendary Ricky Wright throughout the night, it felt very calm and organised as the evening went on to the Pro Main Card.

Kris Edwards v Sam Creasey was an eagerly awaited bout by many, and it didn’t disappoint at all.

Round 1 started off at a gentle pace by both, with Edwards vying for domination against the cage, throwing in knees, until getting turned by Creasey , taken down, where Creasey gets a good base with side control, turning to butterfly guard from Edwards and a try for a triangle choke that got answered with an escape, followed by strikes to Edwards, with Creasey dominating and showing good cage control.

Round 2 starts with Creasey coming out strong, with good knee exchanges from both fighters, resulting in Edwards trying to get the takedown, to which Creasey reverses to take control against cage. Edwards scrambles and breaks away only to be placed against the cage by Creasey, who gets the takedown with the round ending with Edwards active in high guard.

Round 3 sees Creasey looking fresh, with a sudden exchange of powerful strong strikes from both ending in Creasey clinching Edwards with a reversal of turns from both fighters. Both looking tired as they break away, Creasey going in for the takedown and achieving side control. Creasey controlling and striking. Edwards manages to move to his feet only to be taken down, ending in an enjoyable slug fest resulting in a Unanimous Decision to Sam Creasey.

Jack Shore v David Tonatluh Crol turned into a pure masterclass of domination from Shore.

Round 1 sees Jack Shore going straight in for the takedown, getting caught in half guard, passing to side control, where Shore glides to the back and takes mount, throwing in some strong strikes, working his opponent down as Shore tightens his body lock as they both stand in this position, to which Shore takes Crol down hard onto his head, and takes back mount again, taking a Rear Naked Choke to victory. Jack Shore showed pure skill, working his opponent down, setting up his submission and taking it. Pure poetry to watch.

Nad Namrani v Daniel Requeijo

Round 1 starts with both fighters coming in with powerful strikes, with Daniel trying for the takedown and succeeding, but Nad gets up to pin Daniel against cage trying a single leg drag to the floor, both exchanging strikes with the round taken up of takedowns and defence from both fighters.

Round 2 sees strikes and kicks from both fighters, strong exchanges, good cage control, both tagging each other throughout ending with Nad putting the pressure on in top position.

Round 3 sees Nad pushing the pace with his strong striking, Daniel looking tired, and a quick time out from a knee to the groin from Daniel ends with Nad breaking his opponent down and getting a Guillotine for the win.

Lew Long v Andreas Stahl.

As this fight was my pick for Addicted and a popular one for the crowd, expectations were running high.

Round 1 saw a strong start with sharp powerful strikes exchanged from both fighters, both trying to find their own pace and it was plain for all to see that this was a top match up as both had equal power and opportunity, with strong leg kicks from Lew and sharp counters from Stahl this turned out to be an eye opener. As Stahl succeeds in taking Lew down, Lew worked well of his back, resulting in the round ending in a stand and trade off.

Round 2 opens with strong exchanges from both fighters, and a powerful head kick from Lew, resulting in Andreas clinching Lew against the cage throwing in a strong knee to Lews head and a tussle for domination from both with a strong finish to the round from Lew.

Round 3 ends with Lew getting tagged and a strong knee to Lew’s head brings him down to strikes from Stahl resulting in a TKO.

Jack Marshman v Ali Arash.

Round 1 starts with Marshman looking to find his range, Arash trying for the takedown but Marshman looking strong on his feet and defending very well. Some strong exchanges given with strong strikes from Arash, resulting in a takedown with Marshman taking the neck and gaining a Guillotine victory. After some controversy over the tap from Arash it was plain to see Arash did indeed tap and not slap as he had originally claimed.

Cage Warriors Wales was a successful platform for Welsh and UK MMA, and for the world stage to see. From the backstage team to the front line team they made it work.

A pleasure to watch and write and most of all spectate. Well done to all and thank you to Richard Shore and Colin Mould for their ongoing hospitality.