ACB 47 – Braveheart: Robert Whiteford, Saul Rogers & Full Fight Card Preview

14102620_1112457585500519_4382314231856929218_nSaturday 1st October 2016 is set to be a day to remember. The third biggest mixed martial art’s organisation ACB (Absolute Championship Berkut) is making it’s first appearance; possibly one of many, in it’s forty-seventh installment in the UK at the SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland. So, what can we expect? We can expect a thunderous night of action with some of the top fighters that currently grace the canvas within the UK.

Carl Prince – “Just so difficult to pick out one good fight on the card, I think a fight that’s tenth on the list would be headlining on any other domestic card, it’s been a blessing to put this card together & hopefully it’ll be the first of many.”


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“Everything is now in place. Let’s make a fight team”


The message is loud and clear from BST Muay Thai coach-extraordinaire Jon Graham, as we sat down for a coffee to discuss his past, his present and his future in the martial arts world.

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South Coast Watch: Winter is coming

on-the-road-with-addictedmma-1Can you feel that, Can you smell it in the air? As the ground begins to dampen, as the neighbourhood starts to smell of bonfires in the evening. People aren’t so quick to jump out of bed in the morning, T-shirts are turning into long sleeves, the furrowed brow of Winter is upon us, but let’s take solace in the abundance of fight shows that are coming our way, crackling like the comforting log fire in your local pub. If we treat these colder months as an old friend, they will gift us with a bounty of treasures, but if the fighters on our shores show it no respect, it will take their health and lay them down with injury, stealing their opportunity at greatness. Yes Winter is upon us, things will be different as the season changes, but it’s not all bad, especially here in the South, in fact our most bitter Winters are simply a lovely Northern Summer. So put your slippers on, boil the kettle and share the contents between a steaming mug of Horlicks and your humble but loyal hot water bottle. There are fights down South to discuss, as ever the South Coast Watch is on the case.

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Budo 16: The Review

13686679_1158121564245092_3341402010223638888_nAs the Addicted team were out and about around the country reporting on various shows this past Saturday, I made my way to Swansea to watch a show that has had success over the years. Budo Fighting Championships Chris Clarke has taken over Dino Gambatesas UFP promotion to build Budo Wales, and they have secured a place at Swansea’s LC2 with a fight card that brought a loyal and excited crowd.

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Review: Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 3 – Part Two


Continued from Part One.

Refreshed from a twenty-minute break in the action, the crowd returned to their positions to enjoy the next instalment of action, starting with a bout featuring one of the best amateurs on the UK scene, Fabien Edwards. Edwards (7-0) faced Jack Chinnery (4-1) in the GTFP amateur middleweight title bout. The guys at UTC are excited about Edwards and you can see why. It took three quick failed takedown attempts from Chinnery for Edwards to find his range, but when he did the bout was over. Chinnery dropped for a single leg, Edwards connected flush to his opponent’s chin, right on the button and out his lights went. There’s not much left for Edwards to prove at amateur level. Any national or international level MMA promotion should be looking very closely at this boy and trying to get him signed up early.

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Review: Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 3 – Part One


“People seem to forget the Midlands”. When talking about UK MMA, so much of the chatter is centred around either London or the North of the country. Whether that’s just due to luck more than design, many people forget that the region of the country which boasts England’s ‘second city’ has its own fair share of talent rich gyms bursting with prospects desperate to break onto the scene and showcase their skills. The number of shows for the budding athletes to do this on is painfully shallow around here. The amateur scene is well catered for with the superb MMA Battle Arena team giving guys and girls a path for their initial career, but then after that there’s a gaping hole until you reach the upper echelons of the sport and the gateway to the big leagues, where BAMMA have Birmingham pretty much sewn up. Fortunately, the Black Country father and son Cassell-combo have identified the space in the market and sought to fill that gap with Golden Ticket Fight Promotions and boy, have they stepped up to the plate.
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David `One More’ Round reveals a busy upcoming 15 months

12771714_10153964423230477_8262063402293072080_oThere have been a lot of rumors and talk about retirement from popular Welsh fighter David `One More’ Round’s camp since late 2015, but it seems anymore talk has been abolished by the controversial figure as explained to AddictedOTR correspondent Beccy Davies last nice at Budo Fighting Championship’s first Welsh fight card in Swansea.

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Preview: Lion Fighting Championships 9


MMA, K1 and NoGi jiu-jitsu on a Sunday, you say? Yes please, I’ll have some of that; and that’s what the good people of Kent will be treated to this coming weekend as Leo Alderman brings the ninth instalment of his well reputed promotion to Rochester on September 25th.
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Luke Morton: He’ll have to kill me to take that belt up north