Umer Kayani: No care for jealousy


Yesterday AddictedOTR broke news of a beef burning between two stalwarts of the UK MMA scene; Shah ‘No Pain’ Hussain and Umer ‘Bullet Tooth’ Kayani. Hussain held nothing back, making a series of scathing statements about his counterpart. Today, Bullet Tooth has spoken to us to give us his side of the story;

 “Shah is a fake persona. He’s the biggest two face I’ve ever met and he’s just looking for attention. Let me make this clear, his supposed problems with me all come down to jealousy. He’s jealous of who I am and where I am so comes out with the disgrace of an article yesterday”.

“I’ve come straight from the street to the cage. I watched Cage Rage on Sky Sports and that was my dream to get there. Now I’m here and I’m winning fights and have a belt he can’t handle it”.

Umer went on to elaborate on where he feels the issues truly began;

 “When I first started in this sport I went to train with him. Did you know that? I went up to his team and wanted him to help me. He was a pro and I was just starting out and even then he couldn’t beat me and he didn’t like it. His attitude sucked. He just told me ‘you should quit, this sport isn’t for you’. There was no need to be like that, that’s a decision for me to make. So I went my own way.”

“The next time we clashed was when I was presented with an Achievement Award. I went to Parliament House and got given it for my services to the sport and my community and straight away he started putting out falsehoods about it. His mind is corrupted with jealousy. If he’d won his fights and if he’d won the UCMMA Contenders Belt like me, then he might’ve been in the same position as me. I’m lucky, God hasn’t put the seed of jealousy in my mind. I’ll always help others, which is why people love me. My fan base isn’t just in England. It’s in Kenya, Australia, Canada, across Asia. I get inboxes from strangers who thank me for inspiring them. I take my position in my community seriously. Shah is a disgrace to both himself and our community. Yesterday’s article says it all; jealousy”.

I asked Umer what his thoughts were on facing Shah across the cage. He told me;

“I’ve nothing to prove to anyone, only to myself. I’ve faced tough, tough opponents; people like Colin Wilby, people like Kes Mamba. I train with the likes of Terry Brazier. Bigger men than Shah. The one thing I won’t do again is take personal issues out in the cage after what happened at UCMMA 34 (where Kayani was arrested after an altercation with opponent Kuljit Degun at the pre-fight press conference). I made that mistake once before and it cost me.”

“If he would’ve asked me politely, man-to-man, I’d have fought him. Don’t get me wrong, I’d fight him in a heartbeat if it was a situation where I couldn’t get arrested again, but when it’s personal you never know where it’s going to end up. I’m not going to risk what I’ve got and who I am for this guy. The truth is, Shah is just a journeyman. He is record is bad (8-10), mine is 7-3. That says everything you need to know. If I was in his position I’d just retire. He’s been a flop and now he’s just attention seeking. That’s enough talk of that disgrace of a man. UBTK signing out”.

So it appears that the jury is still out on where this goes from here. It’s certainly not been resolved. Stick with AddictedOTR as this develops.