EXCLUSIVE: Budo FC medicals – changing up the game


There have been plenty of promotions who have claimed that they’re ‘changing the game’, but rarely do they live up to expectations. This isn’t one of those times. After expanding their reach even further, adding another territory to their growing show-base, Budo head honcho Chris Clarke has exclusively revealed their next big move to Addicted OTR;

“Budo has always put fighter safety ahead of everything else. Earlier in 2016 we announced that in order to compete as a Professional you would require a blood test. A test that if a cost should be incurred, the Budo promotion would reimburse you for. We incorporated this for two reasons, one, the aforementioned fighter safety and two, we didn’t think it was right for fighters to fund it.

Now, we’re changing the entire scope on it. Well, that’s what I believe. There have been a lot of measures introduced this year and now to compete on the UK’s bigger shows, you require bloods and now brains scans. This can become quite costly for your average Pro who earns a few hundred pounds”.

Clarke continued,

“Despite me explaining a little difference in a moment, I’m pleased to announce that Budo will now join the list of promotions requesting these measures in order to compete as a Professional on the show. As with the introduction of blood tests, this for the foreseeable future, will only apply to the Northwest region. The event ran solely by myself.

As before, fighters will not be required to register and maintain a membership with any MMA related or unrelated agency and the biggest thing, Budo Fighting Championship will not only continue to fund any blood test costs but it will also fund the brain scans.

It is my honest opinion that the bigger UK promotions should be covering this cost but that is what it is. I am absolutely delighted to be able to say that Budo is the first show in the UK and possibly Europe, correct me if I’m wrong, to do this.

I’m not going to go into particulars and explain how it’s going to work but any Professionals who compete on my event will need to agree to some requirements including travel to have the assessments completed; all as I said, at the cost of the promotion.

Hopefully, more UK promotions will follow this in the future.”

Seismic news, which should shake the industry throughout.