EXCLUSIVE: MMA Battle Arena announces new ‘team format’ for 2017


As ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said “change is the only constant in life”. Today MMA Battle Arena have exclusively revealed to Addicted OTR that they’re about to change things up, introducing a new format for 2017.

CEO James Price told us,

“The scene has started to become a bit stale. We’ve wanted to do something different for quite a while, so have looked at the various options on the table. We’ve noticed that a few other promotions have brought back the tournament system, where fighters from a specific weight class compete against each other in a knockout format to crown one overall winner. That wasn’t quite right for us, so we’ve decided to put a new twist on that idea. Rather than individuals competing against each other, we’re having teams take each other on. Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not talking about those horror brawls where ten guys go into the cage at the same time and beat each other up until there’s five blokes beating down on the one poor remaining sod from the other team; ours is a bit more refined than that!”

So, what does he mean?

“We’ve got a number of teams we regularly work with and another whole host of teams we’d like to. What we’re promoting is the MMA Battle Arena Annual Team Title. From April to the end of December, we’re going to have ‘team against team’ bouts as an addition to our existing shows. Each team has to put forward four fighters (in total) from bantamweight up to welterweight to compete on their behalf. We’d run a cup style knockout format with fighters from the ‘Team Title’ competition facing each other. Points will be given to the teams whose fighters win, with additional points given for wins by stoppage rather than decision. Winning teams then progress onto the semi-finals later in the year, with the two top teams facing off at our grand finale. This probably sounds more complicated than it is! Imagine a World Cup of MMA and you’ll get the picture”.

That’s not all though, there’s more;

“The winning team becomes the MMA Battle Arena UK Team and they get to face off against one of our affiliate amateur organisations from abroad in front of their own fans in their home town. We’ll fly over an international team to face our champions”. Price continued, “We just wanted to do something different from the crowd. The question always asked is ‘Who is the best team at the moment?’, we’re now giving gyms the chance to prove that they’re the best”.

Well the opportunity is now out there folks. Who will have the bragging rights come the end of year? For further details and to prove to the world that yours is the best team in the country, contact James Price on:

Tel: 07932 633366

Email: james@mmabattlearena.com