The Secret Blogger: Sh*t talking – good, bad or shut up ya lil b*tch!?


By ‘Steven Johns’ *

Let’s get one thing clear from the start; shit talking has and always will be part of fighting.

The more traditional claim that people like the Diaz brothers, Conor McGregor, Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon are disrespectful and a poor example of martial artists; yet the majority of these traditionally-thinking people pay homage and pray on a regular basis to the Gods and lineage of the almighty Gracie family, who without doubt were some of the best shit talkers ever to enter the cage, ring or step on (someone’s neck on) the mats.

For some reason people have a hard time understanding that just because you add the word ‘respect’ or ‘family’ in front a statement the disrespect is there if you are going to engage in anything other than a friendly handshake.

Why is this a bad thing? 

From personal experience shit talking can backfire. When you give it the Barry’s and get your ass kicked on fight night the experience is more than humbling. A lesson and a punishment rolled into one. Meaning if you can’t back it up, don’t f*cking do it! Even if you can back it up (recent example Gordon Ryan), be prepared that if you lose you will need extra thick skin.

I think in most cases the biggest shit talkers take loss quite well. So why in recent times have people been so upset when some of the most dangerous men and women on the planet decide to hype our underappreciated sports with a little ‘trash talk’? Are you not entertained? It’s not like everyone does it.

There was no outrage when Cody Garbrandt started popping and locking, doing press ups or pointing and laughing at a downed Cruz during a world title fight.

My point is that everyone sees our sports differently and without those differing perspectives we would be stuck with ibbjjfff only tournaments and GSP-style title fights and who the f*ck wants that?

Not this bitter know-it-all and I don’t think anyone who truly loves combat sports would either.

So, ‘don’t be scared homie’ because if a little bit of shit talk can upset you that much maybe the game of ‘I’m going to hurt you more than you hurt me’ isn’t for you. Table tennis maybe?

Now shut up you little bitch 😉

* = Steven Johns is the pen name for our guest blogger. He is a former professional fighter who is still involved in the industry.