The Secret Blogger: My Dad can beat up your Dad…

My dad

Written by ‘Steven Johns’ *

“My dad (coach) can beat up your dad(coach)…..”

Is it just me or do 99% of people associated with combat sports claim to have the best training/coach/gym going? I’ve lost count of how many people name drop their coach only for me to think, “who the f-ck is that?” 

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EXCLUSIVE: Budo FC vs Aspera FC. It’s on.


Back on July 9th 2016, Addicted OTR exclusively revealed that Budo Fighting Championships had partnered with Brazilian juggernauts Aspera FC. We followed this up on January 16th with the next step in the partnership; confirmation that Budo would be going to Brazil this year. Today we can confirm the next development step in the partnership; Aspera are coming to England, and we know when!

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