Nathan Jones: Bagging & Tagging


Tonight the heat in the BAMMA welterweight division turned up a few notches as championship contender Mr Bag & Tag, Nathan Jones, effectively called out three of his main competitors in one go.

Known for printing name tags of those he slays, Jones tonight posted a picture to his Facebook Athlete Page, with three name tags; one named ‘Brazier’, the second ‘Fletcher’ and the third ‘Lohore’, obviously referring to Terry Brazier, Colin Fletcher and long time adversary Alex Lohore.


Having returned to BAMMA action at the end of 2016 with a solid win against previously unbeaten powerhouse Walter Gahadza, Jones thrust himself back to the top of the queue for the vacant world title. With Fletcher and Lohore due to meet at BAMMA 28 later this month, Jones’s next opponent remains unclear, but it seems that the brash Londoner is trying to force BAMMA matchmaker Jude Samuel’s hand in putting him against one of the three other British based athletes.

Which athlete will get the nod? Will it be Brazier? Will the winner of Fletcher and Lohore come up against Jones? All we can say for certain is, this is starting to get interesting.