The South Coast Watch wont die !!!

sna24Who has woken me from my eternal slumber? Why wont you leave me alone? They put me in the soil, they said my work was done, they said I didn’t have to do this anymore, they put a stake through my heart for gods sake, do you have any idea how violating that is? I’m struggling to express myself now. I just want to sleep and all I can hear is an alarm ringing, the morning chorus of birds, church bells, just leave me alone, South Coast MMA is dead isn’t it? Please tell me its dead………. Oh! .. Shock n Awe is back with its 24th show is it? Maybe I can do this one more time, I just have to break out of this tomb and dig my way through 12 feet of soil.

12 hours later…

Hang on, just got to have a shower, cut my hair and nails, put my make up on.

10 hours later…

Just got time for a quick look on Facebook.

4 hours later…

One last cry.

4 hours later…

So the South Coast’s premier mixed martial arts show – Shock n Awe’ returns this March 11th, we all know what to expect, well matched fights, plenty of young talent and many more that will go on to become the future of the sport. As per, Brian Adams and Gareth Johnson have been putting together a fight card, first of the year, and I, the South Coast Watch will pick out my favorite bits of meat to chew on. The card is pretty much finalized, obviously we can expect an injury or two to break the waters of tranquility, maybe somebody will shit the bed and bottle out as well, you can never tell. As it stands the card is looking good, so shall we start? ..No? ..Tough!.. I’m starting.

As expected the under-card will be a plethora of new and upcoming talent, it is great to see some names like James BakesEd SheenanJames Wark and Ollie Southern returning, these guys are all capable of putting a great show on, but it will be more interesting to see how they have developed.

Cameron Hardy Vs. Denny Sheehan

What a fight this has the potential to be, I got to see both these guys make their amateur debuts on different shows, and both performances were spectacular to say the least. Hardy has the edge on the feet in my opinion, but Sheehan is solid on his toes as well, but very dangerous on the canvas. These two are likely to just turn this into an all out war and go hell for leather, you can bet that both are just itching to climb into that cage and punch each other in the brain. Both men have plenty of cardio to see out the full 9 minutes, but I have a feeling they will both kick the wind out of each other and the end is inevitable late in the second, or early in the third. I make no bones about it, I’m really excited about this match up.

Sam Parkinson Vs. James Padula

More raw talent will be on display when these young and highly regarded fighters try to karate chop each others faces off. I have heard whispers in the wind that both guys are gamers, they both come from very good camps, and now they both have a fantastic platform to showcase their abilities on.

Noredine Nedjai Vs. Jake McEvoy

Now I know I am not the only person excited to see what Noredine brings to the table this time, this kid is an incredibly athletic specimen, that is capable of great things. If he is wise, he will realize that he has the world at his feet. He took my breath away when he took his first win back last October, a brutally quick rear naked choke put paid to his opponent. Since then he has been flattening noses in style on the inter-club circuit. I don’t know a great deal about Jake McEvoy, I do know he comes from a great camp of tough guys at Mad Hatters, we can expect his Jiu Jitsu to be really solid. I have also heard great things about his performance in the latest M. Night. Shyamalan movie Split, I really want to see it.

Elliott Hoye Vs. Ashley Kilvington

Oh boy! I didn’t see this one coming, but I am happy to embrace it for sure, these two are hungrier than the half starved models of a cat walk show. Hoye although allergic to any sunshine, is more than comfortable under the bright lights of a fight show, this kid would fight every day and twice on Sundays if he could. For one so young he has been racking up the experience and sharpening his tools. He fearlessly takes on anybody, when it comes time for this little warrior to turn pro, he will be one of the most prepared fighters in the UK.

Kilvington has not had anywhere the same amount of fight minutes as Hoye, but my god he has put the graft in with his training. Another stud under the tutor-ledge of Mad Hatter Jack Magee, his last performance on Shock n Awe saw him grow with each round, getting stronger as the fight went on. With the tools he has been putting in his bag whilst training in Brazil, with the added determination and fathomless self confidence that comes naturally to him, Kilvington is a dangerous man.

This will be another classic battle of the potentials, get me some popcorn.

Alex Bodner Vs. Alex Box

This little beauty will be for the under 145lbs amateur title, and there is a lot to think about here.

Bodner is the undefeated champ, a man of many talents, every time he has been put under duress, he has turned the fight around and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat like any great champion does. With a good solid list of scalps behind him, he is the obvious favorite. His last victory last October against Kingsley Crawford proves just how capable this guy is, stacks of cardio and a cheeky submission game, Box will have his work cut out for him.

Alex Box is the alternative lifestyle head of Vectis MMA coach, from the sleepy Isle of Wight. A life long follower of the ways of the martial artist, he has really come into his own over the past 12 months. With a purple belt in BJJ it is obvious he will be a threat on the canvas, but his love of striking and the fact he trains every day, pretty much all day, he might well be bringing some surprises to Shock n Awe. Keep your eye on Box, his shy and friendly demeanor is very different to the competitive martial artist that will appear in the cage. He wants that belt, he will do anything within the rules to get it.

Bradley Wills Vs. Jack Lowe

Both of these men impressed in their last outings on Shock n Awe, Wills took the amateur U170 lbs title with a gritty, high level wrestling battle, he can make a fight ugly if he needs to, and he can certainly go the distance.

Lowe had the audience in rapture, after taking a bunch of damage he quickly turned the fight around and finished his opponent with a juicy TKO, this guy is dangerous everywhere.

Kane Goldup Vs. Michael D’aguiar

Mike D’aguiar will be making his long awaited professional debut against Kane Goldup. A hunger has crept into his life since he joined the GYM01 team, long gone is the self doubt that saw him taking losses in the amateur divisions. His transformation into a leg snapping mini South Coast warrior was complete when he made his choice to turn professional. There is much promise ahead for the man they call the `Portuguese Pop Star’, hopefully in his fighting career as his vocals are ruined by his horsey Andover accent.

Jade Barker Vs. Sophie Langsford

We always look forward to seeing Jade compete, very much respected by her team mates  – she has a very mustard style about her. Stalking her opponents down and letting volley with all types of round house kicks, she also has a solid ground game and makes use of that filthy GYM01 cage work. Jade is also the proud owner of a few Shock n Awe fight of the night awards, Langsford will have her hands full on March 11th, no doubt about that. Our favorite thing about Jade though is she always has a lovely big welcoming smile on her face, even when she is kicking your teeth down the back of your throat.

Nicholas Fielding Vs. Andrew Mendes

Mavericks MMA fighter Nicholas Fielding loves a challenge, and a challenge is what he will get from travelling French fighter Andrew Mendes. Just take a look at Fielding’s amateur record, he has taken on the cream of the crop and his only losses are skin of the teeth type losses to studs, some of them arguable wins. This will be his pro debut and his well rounded martial arts background, plus experience will fair him well. We are pretty sure he will look to avoid Mendes’s dangerous striking and drown him on the canvas. That’s right, I said drown him on the canvas.

Chris Tallis Vs. Tyler Thomas

I’m gonna be honest here, although he already has 16-17 professional fights to his name, I don’t fancy mr Thomas’s chances in this one. Chris Tallis will be making his pro debut, I have a feeling his pro career will be even more spectacular than his shining amateur career, why? Simple answer really, elbows! The one thing we haven’t been able to see Tallis include in his previous bouts has been elbows, always finding the perfect position to unleash them, the restrictive amateur rules have refused him entry to the dinner party. But lets make it clear, it isn’t all about finding top control with Tallis, he loves a good scrap anywhere in the cage and seems to thrive on it, his cardio is also exceptional as he showed in his most recent victorious war with Ethan Charlesworth, (Possibly the greatest amateur fight I have ever seen) I have said for a while now that Chris is more than ready for the professional leagues, and with that door swung wide open, I would put money on us seeing big results, juicy, bloody, vicious results.

Andy Kerr Vs. Chay Ingram

I love this match up, it is the Shock n Awe headline bout and a fight everybody should be looking forward too. Both Kerr and Ingram are great fellas and both know how to win a fight. Kerr has got some fantastic wrestling and a dangerously understated striking game. On the flip side to that, Ingram has solid striking and a horribly dangerous quicksand Jiu Jitsu style. He would love nothing more than to drag Kerr kicking and screaming into his world, but Kerr is a very, very intelligent fighter who will only end up down their if he chooses to be, or Chay forces the mistake from him. There are numerous ways this fight could be finished, but we will have to wait a few more weeks to see how it will pan out.


Fancy joining me at Shock n Awe 24? Head over to the Shock n Awe event Facebook page here to find out how to get tickets to the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth.

For now, I the South Coast Watch will return to scanning Facebook and Twitter for news on anything South Coast martial arty, I will also do my fair share of crying. I didn’t choose to be here, the MMA chose me.

“Don’t call it a comeback”.



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