The Secret Blogger: Say ‘mean mug’ 

Written by ‘Steven Johns’ *

I believe the year is 2017, I believe that almost every MMA/BJJ fan and fighter knows that the best fighters don’t all look like scary psychopaths, yet I can’t understand why there are so many dumb looking coaches and fighters still pulling the Steven Seagal ‘tough guy’ face in pictures?

It’s clear when someone is messing around and having a laugh and it’s also clear when someone is pulling an ‘arms-folded-check-out-how-tough-I-am-cos-I’m-a-fighter’ face.

Fuuuuuu+k I am bored of seeing nobodies and the occasional real pro thinking it’s necessary to mean mug for the camera. Let’s keep in mind that most of these idiots mean mugging have pics of their kids slapped all over social media, and are the same bellends that post ‘best part of being a dad’ pics, followed up by the ‘look how hard I am at the gym’ pics.

Saying that I don’t know what’s worse, the mean mug or the ‘hey look how super goofy I am’ pic. FFS, does everyone have to try being something rather than being themselves? You ass clowns do realise that the actual scary guys are that way naturally and the same for the goofy guys. They are being there natural selves and that is why people like them.

So, if you have grown a beard to look like you’re from 300, or you wear bright coloured unicorn spats to show how open minded you are; please, please, please remember NO ONE GIVES A SH+T! So turn it in you d+ckheads, because you’re making me hate Instagram and I f+ckin love Instagram.

Sort yourselves out or I might have to write another blog about it that no one gives a shit about!

(See what I did there 😉)

* = Steven Johns is the pen name for our guest blogger. He is a former professional fighter, who is still involved in the industry.