Alice Stewardson in focus.

In my written adventures, I usually know exactly who I want to write about next, so this time I asked the very astute guys at Addicted if they had any of their own suggestions, as I do try to cover all areas of MMA. The lovely Chris Emmanuel came up with a 21 year old female amateur that had slipped under my radar, and when I started my interview with Alice, I could see immediately why her name had come up as a very strong, hardworking, solid young lady replied to my questions, and I found this interview a pleasure to write.

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Luke Trainer set to face Mathew Nicholson at LFC 11

As if Dayman Lake Vs Kerone Davis in a K1 match up wasn’t big enough, Lion Fighting Championship promoter Leo Alderman is still matching up the big kids, his latest addition to the card being 6ft 5″ Luke Trainer, in a battle with another tall drink of water, Mathew Nicholson. Let’s just hope the LFC cage has been modified with a few reinforcement safety measures.

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The South Coast Watch wont die !!!

sna24Who has woken me from my eternal slumber? Why wont you leave me alone? They put me in the soil, they said my work was done, they said I didn’t have to do this anymore, they put a stake through my heart for gods sake, do you have any idea how violating that is? I’m struggling to express myself now. I just want to sleep and all I can hear is an alarm ringing, the morning chorus of birds, church bells, just leave me alone, South Coast MMA is dead isn’t it? Please tell me its dead………. Oh! .. Shock n Awe is back with its 24th show is it? Maybe I can do this one more time, I just have to break out of this tomb and dig my way through 12 feet of soil.

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Felony Caught Red-Handed: The Rapid-Fire Tale of Tanko Fighting Championships 3

15937091_1854848648095908_8461276212990310504_oThe hype might have all been about an American legend’s first appearance on British soil, and the event might have taken place in Manchester, but it was the port city of Liverpool on the map last night at Tanko Fighting Championships 3.

Lawrence Fitzpatrick – a fighter raised in Scouseland – stunned Victoria Warehouse with a first round victory on Saturday evening, choking infamous MMA icon Charles “Felony” Bennett into submission after just 4 minutes and 32 seconds.

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Alfie Davis set to face Martin Hudson for LFC gold

15941131_1608002002549303_1193451104294341931_nIt has been a tough week for Lion Fighting Championship promoter Leo Alderman, some of his high profile bouts have been rocked by injury over the past few days, the latest being Andrew Cunningham forced from his HW K1 title with Kerone Davis, but as fate would have it, Dayman Lake decided it was time to come out of retirement and save the day.  More bad news arrived over the past 24 hours with news breaking that WW champ Tom Wincott sustained a nasty injury, rendering him unable to defend his belt against previously announced Martin `ManTime’ Hudson.

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Godzilla set to face the Monster at LFC 11

1956786_708550825855847_1848163794_oLast week we announced that Kerone `The Monster’ Davis would be facing off in a heavy weight K1 battle against Andrew Cunningham this March 12th in Kent on the Lion Fighting Championship promotion. Sadly, due to injuries sustained in his epic battle with Mike Neun at last weekend at UCMMA 50, Cunningham has been forced to withdraw.

But all is not lost, Dayman `Godzilla’ Lake has answered the call, this fight just got even bigger.

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Nathan Jones: Bagging & Tagging


Tonight the heat in the BAMMA welterweight division turned up a few notches as championship contender Mr Bag & Tag, Nathan Jones, effectively called out three of his main competitors in one go.

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Procter Vs. Palsson 2 set for Fightstar 9

procter-pallsonLast December controversy raised it’s ugly head early on in the third round in the professional bout between the UK’s Alan Procter and Icelandic fighter Bjark Thor Palsson.

The fight itself had been an entertaining engagement between both athletes, with Gunnar Nelson understudy Palsson seemingly having the edge over the first two rounds as the FightStar promotion held its first event in London.

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