WFS 7: A tale of Three Kings and some family jewels

Photographs provided by the fabulous Vicky Moggridge *

This past weekend I made the trip down to the Big Smoke, to the proper part of Laaaaandan Taaahn to watch the seventh incarnation of the increasingly popular Warrior Fight Series. After spending the preceding week in regular contact with head honcho Harry Shoebridge, I decided to turn the volume up on my phone whilst driving down, turning on WhatsApp notifications, half expecting a message saying “the event is off”. Let me put that into context, that’s not me saying Harry and his team are quitters, far from it. That’s me acknowledging the absolute shit house week they’d had pre-event.

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BAMMA 29: More fights added to a stacked card     

The team at BAMMA are teasing us. They’re drip feeding awesomeness day by day. It started off with the announcement of McDermott vs Wolf and Hallam vs Bahati on Monday; followed on Tuesday by a raft of zingers, headlined by Brazier vs Gahadza for the Welterweight Lonsdale Title. This has continued throughout the week, culminating in today when they’ve they’ve given the fans yet more revelations for the May 12th card.

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The Secret Blogger: A fight record ain’t nothing but a number 

Written by ‘Steven Johns’*

Does anyone care about a fighter’s record?

Don’t get me wrong, if a fighter has a record of 0-20-0 it is probably safe to say it is down to them having a lack of the required elements that make a successful fighter, rather than bad luck or poor match-ups. The same goes for some undefeated fighters who are legit killers, while others have been fed easy wins to create a perfect record; but that being said what about a fighter who is 31-30-0, 34-29-2, 7-8-0, 5-5-0? 

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Lion Fighting Championship 11 Review

Leo Alderman’s LFC promotion held its eleventh show this past weekend at the Casino Rooms in Kent, after two weeks of turmoil with fighter pull outs due to injuries and many other things. Alderman had to dig deep into his list of contacts and still produced on paper an exciting card, but on the evening it would be the fighters who lit the venue up with explosive and determined performances.

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Budo 19 Wales : The Review

From start to finish, this Budo was an interesting one. With some exciting match ups and fights, these shows in Swansea get better and better. This was the second one in the LC Swansea, a perfect venue for a fight night. Marc Moggridge, Addicted photographer extraordinaire, and I had arrived early, ready to start soaking in the atmosphere, and after some nice food with Budo boss, Chris Clarke, and a catch up with promoter Dino Gambatesa, Marc and I settled into our seats, as the crowd started arriving, ready to cheer and support their fighters. Once again, the room started filling with standing only on one side and a plethora of VIP tables on the other, it always seems to work well on this promotion.

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The South Coast Watch : No sleep till Pompey

I haven’t been taking my medication lately. I’m not going to lie, it is taking its toll on me. On Saturday morning I awoke at 10am, did a work out that would kill most normal human beings, put my make up on, said goodbye to several of my wives and made that incredible journey to Portsmouth that uses a train, a boat and a taxi. It is 5 miles away after all. On route I picked up my assistant Ben Farrelly. He would be taking some images for me as photography is below me, I haven’t got much time for him, but `needs must’ as they say. He gets on my nerves but at least he is a handsome prick, and although he wouldn’t take anywhere near enough photographs, some is better than none.

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The Secret Blogger: Refs with breasts

Written by ‘Steven Johns’ *

Does it really matter if a referee is male or female?

Is it a conditioned misconception that a woman can’t do the same job as a man? Especially in a male dominated sport that is, let’s face it, as brutal as a sport can be. Assuming women are any more sensitive to violence than men.

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Weight Cutting – The most dangerous aspect of a dangerous sport?

‘Mr Sport’ client, the BAMMA bantamweight Alan Philpott. Clear evidence of weight cutting done right.

 Written by Yiannis Flemming – aka Mr Sport

With the recent focus on weight cutting, it’s become ever more apparent that alterations to the current system in mixed martial arts need to be made. If you’re a die-hard fight fan, then you’ve probably been affected in some way by the process of cutting weight. Whether your favourite fighter has put their health at risk, whether you’ve seen terrible performances due to poor refueling and rehydration, or whether you haven’t even got to see some of the fights you’ve been looking forward to most, it’s not been the most reliable process, right? It’s no joke, weight cutting in MMA needs to be regulated.

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John James Young on Mokaev:- “He’s a panic wrestler who just holds you down & does nothing!”

A frustrated John James Young after his last victory against Warren Mason, grasping the microphone & waging a war of words directed towards potential opponent Muhammad Mokaev.

Copyright © 2017 Fight Night Photography & UK Fighting Championships All Rights Reserved


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Lion Fighting Championship 11 : The Preview

Leo Alderman has had his hands full recently in the run up to his latest Lion Fighting Championship showing at the Casino Rooms in Kent. Numerous pull outs and injuries have made the usual rocky road of a promoters day more of a rocky mine field, but against all odds, Alderman has produced a fantastic card with plenty of exciting talking points. This Sunday 12th down in Rochester, Kent, there will be some wars, there will also be the long awaited return of a fighter they call Godzilla.

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