The Secret Blogger: “You got knocked the f+ck out” 

Written by ‘Steven Johns’

Ok, first off, I couldn’t care less if you want to do back flips off the cage like a certain Krazy Horse, or think you look good dancing like a sh-t extra from Wild Style like MVP in the cage, as long as you fight.

One thing I do care about is how you conduct yourself before and after, because in my humble worthless opinion, the MMA fighters of today (especially those in somewhat of a spotlight), are setting a very important example for future generations; not only about self-discipline and self-improvement through hard work, but respect for all people from any and every walk of life, because children look up to bad-asses more than other supposed role models.

This has been the way for as long as I can remember.  Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Conor McGregor will be cemented in the history books more so than Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lionel Messi or even Kanye West; because let’s face it, you remember the dangerous ones!

So, when witnessing someone copy (almost exactly copy) the behaviour of MVP/Cody Garbrandt and then get head kicked stiff you can’t exactly blame the guy for trying to be a stand out (although FYI be original you pleb) and you also can’t blame people/fans for laughing their d-cks and tits off and ripping the f+ck out of the guy!

That being said, his reaction to being KO’d in such a comical and equally horrific manner was that of a true class act, and reading his Instagram post explaining his feelings towards what happened, certainly in my eyes, elevated him from the ‘100% d-ckhead’ club to the ‘50% d-ckhead’ / ‘50% needs a better understanding of entertainment’ club.

So, I write this blog to point out my amazement of a few tweets and even an article written by some ‘I don’t know what their motive is/was’ d-cks that felt it necessary to jump to the young man’s defence.

Don’t write about the steroid filled opponent or the harsh fan reactions or try to excuse or explain his behaviour, because the lad did that himself; and f+ck me, regardless of how harsh the comments are or how ‘juiced’ his opponent may or may not have been, he acted like a disrespectful pr1ck the whole fight, and low and behold the MMA Gods taught him the severest and most deserving of lessons.

Who are these jumped-up tw@ts who think they should scold the world for having an opinion and defend a guy who can:

  1. Physically defend himself.
  2. Quite clearly mentally handle the harsh reality of what happened.

Wind your f+cking neck in and stop trying to be some kind of Fight Messiah. This is the hurt business, and if you don’t like seeing your man-crush get knocked the f+ck out, stick to Match of the Day or Monday Night Football. Leave the greatest sport in the world to those that can handle it.

F+cking pricks, I can’t stop laughing at how some people think anyone needs telling what’s-what (says the guy writing angry bitter blogs about people far more skilled and ambitious).

Don’t forget to use a wet-wipe for all that sand in your vaginas 😉

Oh and one last thing, if you gesture to touch gloves and then throw a kick (or punch), you are a c>nt and deserve to be knocked out in front of your home crowd.

* – Steven Johns is the pen name for our guest blogger. He is a former professional fighter who is still involved in the industry.