Weight a minute…you feeling ok?

Written by Steven Johns*

So low and behold after all the shit talking, all the chest puffing, all the ‘this is number 1 bullshit’, Russia’s No1 export since Fedor, pulls yet again and not only does he pull it is for the third time we been promised Khabib vs Tony (f+cking hell he is going to go into an embarrassing media rant overdrive) Ferguson and not got it for some reason!

Poor Tony, poor fans, poor UFC! No wait, scrap the last one because when it’s a main event or co-main they should have a back up ready to go accompanied by a bonus for the remaining fighter, surely? I can’t be the only one who is sick of last minute drop-outs, especially due to a bad f+cking weight cut?

So what should be done (besides the aforementioned replacement scheme) about it?

Personally, I think same day weigh-ins or a second weigh-in on the day of the fight, with strict limits on how much can be gained by each fighter. I doubt either of these things would stop people cutting weight, but maybe just maybe it would stop these extreme cuts that are sending way to many (already at high risk from injury due to the type of training MMA fighters require) guys to the hospital; and in the case of someone like Uncle Creepy, causing what is looking like permanent damage.

Is this only a problem since the IV ban? Or were guys semi-killing themselves before that, but we just didn’t see them drop out because they could rehydrate properly?

Should they add more weight categories so fighters feel less inclined to suffer so much for an advantage and in turn we see more fighters performing to their full potential for an entire fight instead of one round before fatigue sets in; or in cases like this, not perform at all?

I personally don’t think more weight classes would stop the problem we are facing, because if the opportunity for an advantage is there, then most people will go for it. Even if the ever-mounting evidence is showing that guys who don’t cut as much tend to have better cardio and/or at least perform better. Johnny Hendricks’ recent performance springs to mind along with McGregor’s complete obliteration of Alvarez; and I can’t help thinking that GSP’s return (to MIDDLEWEIGHT) hasn’t got something to do with the ‘No-IV’ rule and fighting closer to his natural weight. 

Maybe no weight categories!? Fighters just agree to ‘catchweight’ bouts, because if you are anything like me you couldn’t give a sh1t if it’s heavy, middle or feather; just put two guys highly trained in simulated murder both of even weights together. F+ck the belts, and in the forever etched in UFC history’s words of Big John McCarthy and Marvin Gaye, ‘Let’s Get It On’! 

Well whatever the solution might be one thing is for sure! I am f+cking gutted we won’t get to see these two settle the score. It’s still a great card and the main event is most likely going to be awesome; but FFS, someone please stop these guys from cutting so much weight, it’s bullsh1t!

Final thought, why the fuck aren’t the Diaz brothers on this card? It’s 209 FFS. Well, “I’m not surprised mother f+ckers”.

* – Steven Johns is the pen name of our guest blogger. He is a former professional fighters who is still involve in the industry.