Alfie Davis: The ARD Show is entertainment

The date, March 12th. The venue, The Casino Rooms, Rochester. The event, LFC 11 Battle of Champions. There is nowhere else in the world you want to be on a Sunday night if you’ve got even the slightest of interests in combat sports. From out of nowhere, Lion Fighting Championships’ head honcho Leo Alderman has pulled a series of rabbits out of hats; with the cherry on top of the cream, on top of the icing on top of the cake (yes, it has that many layers of intrigue) being a bout between the men they call ‘ARD’ and ‘Man Time’.

Alfie Ronald Davis (ARD) has amassed a formidable 6-1 professional record in his fledgling MMA career. If, like every other living creature on the planet, you’ve seen the phenomenal axe-kick knockout Davis inflicted on Nick Baker; you won’t be surprised to hear that he came from a kickboxing and sport karate background before settling into mixed martial arts. “I’m focusing on MMA”, Alfie told me. “I could cross over to the kickboxing world and win world titles; however, my goal in life is to be the greatest combat sports athlete on the planet. Unfortunately, if I win a kickboxing world title it doesn’t make me that. Therefore, MMA is the path. I’m currently the UCMMA British K1 Title Holder. My WAKO Full Contact and Sports Karate British Titles I vacated when I transitioned across into MMA”.

Davis continued, “This is the year when I will start to take over the mainstream promotions. I have the talent, but this year, after I win my next two fights, I’ll have the marketable record that’s required for the big shows. I believe that I’ll be fighting in a five-round fight on one of the major promotions by this time next year. It makes sense, right? A good looking, highlight reel KO artist to entertain you on a Saturday night. Those brawlers who look like Sloth from The Goonies are becoming tedious. The ARD Show is entertainment”.

The first of these two bouts pits Davis against Martin Hudson (4-2), a man with a kill-or-be-killed attitude, who’s only let one of his six professional bouts go outside of the first round. Alfie had a few choice words for his opponent; “Martin is a great sized target for me. He’s lanky and dopey and fights like a pussy. When I hit him on that sweet spot we’re going to see a spectacular crash. To win this fight I’m going to kick him in his head, then dance like Michael Jackson”.

As comprehensive a prediction as I’ve ever seen! To close, I thought it best to allow Alfie to give a message directly to Martin; “After this fight you’ll learn the valuable lesson of what it’s like to be in the cage with a superstar; so, for that, you’re welcome”.

There are still a handful of tickets left for what will be a special night of action. Tickets are available from here. You won’t want to miss this.