Josh Plant: What’s next?


The dust has settled after Josh Plant’s dominant professional debut win on Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 4, we caught up with him to get his take on things.

“I’m feeling great right now. I’m obviously very happy with the win, I’m feeling fresh, I’m back in training and I’m ready to go again. I’m consistently improving every day and it feels great. The training camp before the fight went pretty smoothly too. It was one of the best I’ve ever had. Other than a cauliflower ear a few weeks before, which I covered with an ear guard whilst sparring and rolling, everything went to plan”.

Plant took less than two rounds to dispatch a game Lawrence Tracey by TKO. As he entered the cage, he roared across the cage at his opponent, something noted and discussed by the in-house commentary team; “Ha ha! This wasn’t to psyche him out, I do that just for my own benefit. It psyches me up and gets the adrenaline going”, Plant commented. “It was a great debut for me. I got the opportunity to execute my game plan without taking any real damage. I learned a lot in there too. I’m finally starting to truly trust my hands and let them go when I have the chance. I know they can do a lot of damage and this fight just confirmed that to me”.

So, what’s next for the young prospect? “Obviously I’m looking to improve. I want to fight regularly this year, continue as I’ve started off, with more wins. My team and I have set some targets, but we’ll tell you them when we achieve them!”.

“I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank some people if I can? Kristian Charlesworth (owner of Impact MMA), my Head Coach and friend; without him I wouldn’t be where I am. The other coaches at Impact, Iain Ward and Vince Sutton. They’ve helped develop my game and give me invaluable advice when cornering during my fights. All of my sponsors, Eat Lean Co, The Vitamin Shop, Rugby. SK Therapy and Bearhug Sports. These guys support me and the team at Impact. Also, Wayne Kirk and all my sparring partners at 4th Dimension. Hopefully fight news will be coming out very soon. This is going to be a good year”.