John James Young on Mokaev:- “He’s a panic wrestler who just holds you down & does nothing!”

A frustrated John James Young after his last victory against Warren Mason, grasping the microphone & waging a war of words directed towards potential opponent Muhammad Mokaev.

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John James Young, a name we are all starting to become accustomed with. After putting on a masterclass with his unprecedented takedown defence that José Aldo would of been proud of, against then unbeaten 5-0 prospect in SBG’s Abdul Choudhury for the UKFC Amateur Flyweight Title back in October then seemingly taking out an awkward Warren Mason with a well executed armbar in the first round at UKFC 3 last week; successfully defending his Amateur Flyweight Title. Talk of a potential match-up with Dagestani born Muhammad Mokaev has been slowly working it’s way through social media.

An unbeaten Flyweight who’s only loss has come at Bantamweight earlier in his career against Callum Mullen. The Blackburn Predator stand-out himself hasn’t held back on his relentless attacks directed towards the Team Kaobon fighter on social media claiming Mokaev to be “Boring” & branded him as a “Bum who pads his record.”

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John James Young:- “It was at Tanko 3 when I asked for the fight with Muhammad. Not once did he call me out so I went over to UKFC President Jake Cross after Muhammad Mokaev had defeated Liam Gittins & asked him to make the fight happen for UKFC 4 in June! So the rumour of him calling me out is absolutely not true, I was there on the night and the kid said nothing.”

Current Tanko Amateur Flyweight Champion Muhammad Mokaev himself has been touted as the next rising star amongst others from Dagestan; which is a Republic of Russia. Following in the success of unbeaten 24-0 UFC Lightweight Challenger Khabib Nurmagomedov. An accomplished grappler in which we saw the young prodigy make his Amateur debut at the age of 16, going 5-0 in a short time span.

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John James Young:- “Muhammad Mokaev has been calling out every Flyweight there is but hasn’t fought anyone, instead he has dodged them & has fought 4 guys no ones ever heard of. He is picking his opponents & padding his record. I asked UKFC President Jake Cross to get the fight on UKFC 4 for my Amateur Flyweight title in June but haven’t heard anything from the “Bum” yet. Everyone’s blowing smoke up this kids arse. I’ve fought some of the best Flyweights in the country & beat them! This guy has nothing to offer me. He’s a panic wrestler who just holds you down & does nothing! I’m too well rounded for him, if he can’t take me down, he’ll have no other choice but to stand with me & the stand-up game will be in my world & he’ll crumble. I’m fully confident if it goes to the ground aswell. I’m confident I’d submit him, I’m confident I’d finish him.”

Stylistically both John James Young & Muhammad Mokaev would fit like a glove as the idiom would go. Could we be potentially seeing a match-up between the current UKFC Amateur Flyweight Champion & current Tanko Amateur Flyweight Champion by the end of the summer?

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