Budo 19 Wales : The Review

From start to finish, this Budo was an interesting one. With some exciting match ups and fights, these shows in Swansea get better and better. This was the second one in the LC Swansea, a perfect venue for a fight night. Marc Moggridge, Addicted photographer extraordinaire, and I had arrived early, ready to start soaking in the atmosphere, and after some nice food with Budo boss, Chris Clarke, and a catch up with promoter Dino Gambatesa, Marc and I settled into our seats, as the crowd started arriving, ready to cheer and support their fighters. Once again, the room started filling with standing only on one side and a plethora of VIP tables on the other, it always seems to work well on this promotion.

I had been wrapping hands out the back of the hall until the first fight, and as I settled into my seat cage side for the first fight, the atmosphere, all night would be a respectful, supportive and jolly one from the first fight to the last. All 18 fights made it a very enjoyable event.

Our MC for the night was the very dapper Karsten M Lenjoint, who made the microphone his best friend with his very clear and concise running order of the night. Once again Chris Clarke excelled as referee with some good calls and decisions, a mixture of Cage boxing and MMA brought some very exciting and different bouts.

Rhys Evans (Mat Academy) retired his fighter Ricky Norman (Team Tommo) in an Amateur MMA bout to start the night off, with a referee stoppage.

An impressive debut Cage boxing bout from Richard Axford (One fight system) didn’t quite get him the win, as Elliott Truelove (Fox’s Gym) walked away with a split decision, both showing some nice boxing.

The Mat Academy went on to win all 3 bouts with their fighters making light work of their opponents. Ryan Lockyer got the armbar win defeating his opponent James Davies (Team Tommo) and following his team mate, Ryan Morgan secured a Forearm Choke win over Zak Thomas (Team Tommo) for the Budo Featherweight title. Another celebratory night for the Mat Academy.

With a nasty eye poke injury and a few ref stoppages, we went on to enjoy some Pro MMA fights with Radoslaw Klepsczarek (Nails) defeating Dan Lerwell (Samurai Judo) via Guillotine. The Nails team always bring their fighters to fight and I personally, always enjoy seeing their fighters on a fight card as they bring the whole package and a crowd too.

Next up was the Gangster Prince of Wales David Round (One fight system) against Josh Dennis (Black Tigers) in a K1 special. Dennis threw some sharp strong strikes but couldn’t get past Rounds head and body kicks with added composure bringing the KO finish win from Round. Both fighters bringing a class K1 bout.

The Budo European Featherweight Title brought Marley Swindells (Phuket Top Team) against Konmon Deh (MMA Factory) in an absolute war and one of the toughest fights I have seen. Swindells showing his tough Thai background with sharp kicks and strikes in a 4 round battle that had takedowns, strong knees in the clinch, knock downs, cage control, everything you would want to see in a fight, that had Swindells chopping and attacking and Deh recovering, and Deh eventually taking the Title win with a mid section kick to the body that dropped Swindells in the 4th round. Swindells showing immense heart and spirit till the end.

The final fight for the Budo European Welterweight Title saw Ali Arish (Lions Paw) against the reigning title holder Jordan James (Fit for Life) in a battle of wills with Arish securing the takedown in all the 3 rounds, constantly chipping away at James, using his wrestling, to secure a Unanimous Decision and the title in a well deserved win, with John Phillips to present the belts for the title fights.

To round up the nights events, all fighters put on a superb show, with this event just getting better, so many thanks to Dino Gambatesa and his marvellous team who worked tirelessly all through the night, for having us over, and Chris Clarke for his humour and fun. Always nice to see the beautiful ring girls Sally and Kristie too, adding glamour to the occasion.

Well done and thankyou to all!!

Marvelous photographs courtesy of Marc Moggridge.

Article by Beccy Davies