Bryony Tyrell returns

It’s been a fast turnaround for the the South Coast’s Bryony Tyrell after losing her straw weight BCMMA title against Kate Jackson last February 18th. It was a titanic battle that saw Tyrell lose the strap in the third round after being on the receiving end of some vicious flesh trauma around the eye. It was a battle of opportunity’s that saw both fighters entering the third stanza with a round apiece, Jackson would find the higher ground and relentlessly unleashed fists and elbows into the face of Tyrell who showed her much celebrated spirit, the referee was forced to stop the fight.

On the cusp of the Killabee’s return to action, we were able to catch up with the charismatic Exile fighter, as she was about to fly out to Belgium to take on the highly regarded Griet `The Painapple’ Eekhout, for the 360 Promotion straw-weight title.

Hey Bryony, that was a hell of a battle with Kate Jackson earlier this year, I imagine there was an element of frustration with the way it went, it seemed to me each rounds conclusion was a flip of the coin, if you could go back, what what you have done different?

“Oh wow yeah, the thing I was most frustrated with was my striking, she walked through my shots. If I could go back I would have hit harder, I would have utilized more footwork as well. It’s funny because when I took the fight I instantly turned to my coach and said I’m going to lose this, I was just really honored to have reached Kate’s level of competition. It was about half way through the training camp that all of a sudden I found the confidence in myself, I just felt like I would be able to compete as I found my next level, it was a fantastic learning curve”.

It was a brilliant battle, once again your wrestling shone through, coming from a gym with such a rich Muay Thai pedigree, where does this wrestling talent come from?

“I’m in good hands, Dan Bourne is a great catch wrestling coach, and Yannis is also a great help. Wrestling is a science that I really enjoy, most shy away from it, I tell all the kids to focus on it as it is such a valuable tool”.

So you will be facing someone called the Painapple in Belgium, that is a pretty terrifying and original nick name?

“Yeah! I love it, don’t you?

I’m not sure Bryony, I just keep seeing you stood across the cage from somebody in a big pineapple costume with a gumshield in and mma gloves on. I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that image. What are your thoughts on the fight, and can you tell us how you see it going?

“I have watched Griet online, I have a good idea of what she will want to do, and I know what I want to do, technically I feel I will be stronger on the ground. As it is an away show, there is a lot less pressure on me. I have been training 5-6 times a week, I feel really good, lets see how it goes”.

My favorite subject is food, I think it tells us so much about a persons personality, I want to know what you pre and post fight meals are, tell us a little bit about what you are craving for?

“Ha Ha, well straight after weigh ins I eat everything within reason, I hit the carbohydrates hard. Post fight, well that’s pizza, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, ooh! and bacon sandwiches”.

Well I cant argue with those choices, in a years time, what do you see yourself doing?

“Hopefully still competing in MMA”


Bryony Tyrell would like to thank her Exile coaches, Dan, Rich, Dean and Yannis, and of course her husband Tom.

Images supplied by the incredible Marc Moggridge.

And best of luck Bryony from all of us at AddictedOTR.