Budo Fighting Championships makes another huge step towards fighter safety


In the past year or so we’ve told you about Budo Fighting Championships’ moves to improve the sport here in the UK; from free mandatory blood tests, to adding extra weight categories, through to free MRI scans for all professional competitors on the Budo North West show, with a minor caveat which provides athletes with regular fights. All of which, seemingly, have fallen on deaf ears. Not that it has deterred the good people at the promotion, as they continue to strive to improve the sport in the UK. Today we can announce the next initiative designed to help keep our athletes safe.

Budo CEO Chris Clarke told us, “As everyone knows I’ve been an advocate for fighter safety for a long time. Over the years I’ve promoted good health and stressed concerns on weight cutting etc.”

“Over the last 18 months we’ve introduced mandatory blood tests for Professionals and even offered a 3 fight, 12 month agreement for Professional fighters which would see Budo Fighting Championships offer full payment for brain scans and bloods etc.  In a bid to try and stop ridiculous weight cutting we’ve introduced 7 new weight classes. Now, we’re going to go one step further with it”.

“Budo Fighting Championships will be promoting another world’s first (correct me if I’m wrong), by introducing the ‘walk in weigh in’ in a bid to stop fighters cutting excessive amount of weights and competing at a natural, walking around weight. The fundamentals of this ruling is simple. Fighters will be weighed in, 1 hour before the start of the event. Obviously, in order for this to be a success I need fighters and coaches to be forthcoming but hopefully, people will see sense and take us up on this new rule”.

So, MMA community, what do you think about this? Fighters, will you be willing to take Budo up on this offer and compete at 100%, rather than whatever percentage your recovering body will work to? Do you agree with this innovative approach to what has become a hot topic in our industry? This initiative starts at Budo 22 on July 8th in Swansea. Get involved in the conversation.