CageWarriors 83 : Wales : The Review

Many battles have been fought over the history of time in the beautiful land we call Wales, with stunning castles being built in the process, overseeing the exploits of the enemy ahead. Tales of Welsh knights and similar folklore have been passed down generations, bringing to mind a Warrior who feared nothing and no one, a man who would take on dragons and unearthly creatures, never knowing if he would survive the day. Even the legend of King Arthur was rumored to have taken place in Caerleon, Newport, a place not too far away from a Warriors event that took place on Saturday evening, with these battles being fought in a cage, with courage and honour that any Welsh knight from the past would be very proud of. This event was CageWarriors Wales, with a fight card that would be downright clever with every fight being a demonstration of hard work and persistence.

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