The MMA watch online : BAMMA 29

`Here it is the groove slightly transformed, just a bit of a break from the norm’.

It was always going to happen wasn’t it? The glorious South Coast Watch like a pretty little caterpillar crawled into its cocoon, and emerged as a big beautiful butterfly, that’s right, I sold out!

After years of trawling the warmer climates of the South of England, seeking out new talent and technically sound face smashers, a needle of opportunity presented itself to my beautiful yet chiseled form.

The South Coast Watch really is dead, it’s gone forever – In it’s place stands The MMA Watch Online, an exceptionally mediocre blog solely designed to help me meet more women and earn me free tickets to one of the biggest shows in the world! BAMMA!

Now don’t get me wrong, jumping on-board this sort of writing opportunity for a promotion like BAMMA had me wrestling with my conscience. BAMMA is a really big promotion, well looked after by such media Goliath’s as Jim Edwards and his sexy goatee. Wouldn’t my time be better served supporting the grass roots shows helping to push the young and upcoming fighters onto promotions such as BAMMA and Cage Warriors, as I have always done? Wouldn’t these smaller promotions suffer a little from losing such a popular article? The answer was simple, no. Nobody cared, and nobody shared. A few promoters had approached me in the past about similar blogs, but the South Coast Watch is it’s own entity, after a very, very brief conversation with the media leader at BAMMA, the choice was made. Time to step under the big lights. (Actually I still just write the article on my laptop at home, but hey ho.)

So what does this mean for BAMMA absolutely nobody is asking? Just the same really, a pre and post fight analysis. Articles so left-field they may leave you scratching your head. The SCW history is a timeline of numerous influences and catastrophic creativity, I hope you can find some sanctuary in these articles, I hope you occasionally smile or chuckle to yourself. This is a brand new journey, welcome to the newly evolved MMA Watch Online, second generation.

So this Friday BAMMA returns to its spiritual home, the second city of  Birmingham. The event will be held at the fantastic Genting Arena, and let’s be honest about this, it is going to be a sick, sick night of fights.

Headlining the card will be two men that certainly stick out in a crowd, two fellas that could crush coconuts in their hands if they so fancied. Brett McDermott looks like a dude that stepped out of a gladiator movie, the kind of bloke you may find sat round an open fire eating a cows legs. Brett is hugely popular and with good reason, after a failed attempt at retiring at the end of the year this will already be his second fight back. Born fighters always find it hard to retire, and it would be even tougher for McDermott who’s genetic make up see’s him always ready to punch a mans head clean off. The crowd will be strongly behind him as he faces the threat of another giant of a man, Germany’s dangerous and violent Ruben Wolf. The man they call the Viking also favors a tasty KO as means of victory, he has traversed Europe earning his spurs and taking on all comers. This fight simply cannot be missed as both behemoths look to legally murder each other, thank goodness there will be officials onsite as I have a pretty common sensory hunch that this scrap will not be seeing the final bell.

Yannick Bahati has been taking names, a nicely rounded set of tools as well as some face melting KO power has seen him emerge as a complicated threat to anybody in his weight category. Nearly 5 years ago he defeated Matt The Farmer Boy Hallam with one of his patented KO’s, this Friday Hallam has a chance at redemption. Hallam is an athletic specimen of a human being, strong, fast also possessing god given knock out power, his biggest weapon being his big improvements since their last dance. Bahati has also come on exponentially, this is another gift to the fans from the BAMMA hierarchy. Media mogul and ladies man Jim Edwards will definitely be labeling the victor of this war as a top up and coming prospect.

Try to deny you are not excited to see Walter Gahadza and Terry Brazier punching each other in the face this Friday, this is the fight everybody is waiting to see, and it has the potential to be an epic battle of many horrors. I had a dream a few weeks ago, I was matched to face Gahadza on this BAMMA card instead of Terry, thing is nobody knew it but I had secret Superman powers, the speed, strength, power of flight and even the lazer eye sight. He finished me quickly in the first round. He is truly terrifying especially in the first round where punches seem to bounce off him and take-down attempts look like your drunk uncle trying to take a lamp post down. Brazier is the type of guy with the will to find the keys to victory, solid skills, a huge cardio and a heart bigger than most men’s rib cages could contain. He is riding a wave of self built momentum and his belief and faith alone in himself could fell the toughest of warriors. Both men are good bets for your money, neither will shy from battle, the best prepared will have his hand raised.

How about this one eh? A fight with two martial artists with so much head movement between them, this could end up with both fighters avoiding strikes in the same manner that top UK MMA correspondent Jim Edwards avoids the domestic shows. The potential shining off these two fighters is blinding and the hunger they have is key to the success they are showing. Both Tim Barnett and Mario Saeed come with a lot of expectancy attached. Now both men are very well rounded martial artists, but they also have their go to fight winning ways. Saeed for example is extremely comfortable on his feet, but his relentless scrambles have seen him open doors to numerous submission victories. Barnett on the other hand is exceptionally comfortable in the clinch or on the canvas, but often batters his opponent into submission, also he is a vegan and everybody knows they are dangerous. This should be a wonderful fight, I believe it could also steal the FOTN honours, we will find out on Friday.

Ronnie Mann is an enigma of the UK martial arts scene, still only 14 years old and with over 2000 wins to his name, it seems almost impossible. In fact it is said at one point in his career he was banging out more wins in a week than the Shakespeare of martial arts writing Jim Edwards was banging out Conor McGregor articles, that is one rumor I’m sure we can all agree is just ridiculously not true. Now this is a talented athlete with a wealth of talent behind him, a sure favourite, but don’t count out his adversary Daniel Crawford. Now the most important thing to remember here is that this isn’t some pretty happy little fight for Ronnie to send him on his way with an easy victory, this is a fight against potentially a huge up and comer with a massive future ahead of him, believe me when I say Mann is well aware of this, because he needs a challenge to sink his teeth into. Like much of the talent on the card, Crawford is well rounded but with dynamite in his hands. If he lands cleanly, Mann will be in a world of hurt, Mann will have to use his experience to negotiate the threat from Crawford, and Crawford will have a variety of ways to find his route to victory. This is a telling fight, because whoever wins it will possibly be looking at a co-main event position in their next BAMMA bout, this is just another pointer at how stacked this card is.

Ha Ha! You better have your running shoes on to catch Aaron Blackwell social media keeps telling Shay Walsh. Luckily for the people watching BAMMA live on Dave on Friday night, Walsh is no mug. Now I have no idea what went wrong when Blackwell fought Alan Philpott on September of last year, but don’t expect it to happen again. Now I’m no fighter like Phillip Brooks, Aaron Chalmers or Jim Edwards, but I know my shit when it comes to fighting, and Blackwell’s record speaks for itself. Sure he has opened a lot of tomato cans, but he has also battered and finished some legit and serious professionals. I’m kinda thinking he had a bad day at the office last time, maybe he exhausted himself building an online database of slag offable fighters, maybe the stud that is Philpott seriously hurt him early on, but the truth is if you walk into a fight with Blackwell thinking it will be easy and unprepared, he will fucking ruin you. But then again he is facing Walsh, it doesn’t get much tougher than that, Walsh is grizzled, entertaining, highly skilled and bloody violent. Yeah I’m keen to see this fight, I have no idea how it will turn out, Walsh must be a massive favourite, but don’t put anything past Blackwell, he is a veteran of this sport, if an opportunity arises, he will make no bones about whipping in a win.

A fight from the undercard I am excited to see is between Mike D’Aguiar and Sam Halliday. Word on D’Aguiar is he is one of the sexiest to keep an eye on fighters in the UK, outrageously handsome, incredible striking and amazing cardio in the sack has made him a must see on the UK scene. He will be facing the well rounded Sam Halliday who is capable of winning a fight in any way and has more experience (not in the sack). Both of these young men will be looking to make an impression on the cageside fighter life changer Jim Edwards, and both are hoping on a future where he calls them mate or lad on social media. That’s when you know you are kicking doors down in a big way.

There are lots of other names to keep an eye out for on the card, the exceptionally easy on the eye and violent striker Cameron Hardy from Gym01 is one, younger brother of a certain UFC fighter Fabian Edwards will be a big star one day. Geordie Shore celebrity Aaron Chalmers may get his face smeared across the whole of the Birmingham City barge riverway by Greg Jenkins, or he may prove himself to be a massive stud.

There are more fights on the card, Jim Edwards will be cageside, celebrity’s will be in the house, this is the biggest domestic card in the UK this year so far, people will get hurt, stars will be born, the MMA Watch Online is ready, but most importantly, and this can not be forgotten. It will all be available for you to watch free, firstly on Facebooks Unilad at some point, maybe about 5:30, who knows? Most importantly on the Dave channel at 9pm.


Keep your eyes open for the post fight MMA Watch review, it’s going to be so mediocre.

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