LFC 12 Full fight card revealed

Lion Fighting Championship returns to Rochester in Kent this Sunday evening. Featuring a 4 man amateur welterweight tournament and topped off with a spectacular middleweight K1 pro title fight between the popular David Round and undefeated Jordan Smith, there is something for every fan of combat sports.

Just over 24 hours are left before the doors open to the Casino Rooms as promoter Leo Alderman looks to put on one of the best fight cards the South East has ever seen.

And we have the full fight card for you to browse.

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LFC 12 : Co-main event revealed

News has just broken that a co-main event will be joining the Dave Round Vs. Jordan Smith K1 title match up on this June 4th, and it will be another top pro K1 title fight, this time for the Welterweight gold.

Defending champion Wilker Barros from KO Gym Next Generation returns to his old stomping grounds, to defend his title against Shark Kickboxing’s Phil Evans, in a battle sure to capture the crowds imagination.

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Lion Fighting Championship 12 adds new bouts

Lion Fighting Championship returns to the Casino Rooms in Rochester this June 4th. After the initial release of the exciting K1 headline title bout between Dave Round and undefeated Jordan Smith, Addicted OTR have been granted a number of other exciting fights to release, including a 4 man amateur MMA welterweight eliminator tournament.  LFC are looking to raise the bar as we head deeper into 2017, and these match ups have certainly peaked our interest at the Addicted HQ.

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The MMA watch online : BAMMA 29

`Here it is the groove slightly transformed, just a bit of a break from the norm’.

It was always going to happen wasn’t it? The glorious South Coast Watch like a pretty little caterpillar crawled into its cocoon, and emerged as a big beautiful butterfly, that’s right, I sold out!

After years of trawling the warmer climates of the South of England, seeking out new talent and technically sound face smashers, a needle of opportunity presented itself to my beautiful yet chiseled form.

The South Coast Watch really is dead, it’s gone forever – In it’s place stands The MMA Watch Online, an exceptionally mediocre blog solely designed to help me meet more women and earn me free tickets to one of the biggest shows in the world! BAMMA!

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CageWarriors 83 : Wales : The Review

Many battles have been fought over the history of time in the beautiful land we call Wales, with stunning castles being built in the process, overseeing the exploits of the enemy ahead. Tales of Welsh knights and similar folklore have been passed down generations, bringing to mind a Warrior who feared nothing and no one, a man who would take on dragons and unearthly creatures, never knowing if he would survive the day. Even the legend of King Arthur was rumored to have taken place in Caerleon, Newport, a place not too far away from a Warriors event that took place on Saturday evening, with these battles being fought in a cage, with courage and honour that any Welsh knight from the past would be very proud of. This event was CageWarriors Wales, with a fight card that would be downright clever with every fight being a demonstration of hard work and persistence.

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Budo Fighting Championships makes another huge step towards fighter safety


In the past year or so we’ve told you about Budo Fighting Championships’ moves to improve the sport here in the UK; from free mandatory blood tests, to adding extra weight categories, through to free MRI scans for all professional competitors on the Budo North West show, with a minor caveat which provides athletes with regular fights. All of which, seemingly, have fallen on deaf ears. Not that it has deterred the good people at the promotion, as they continue to strive to improve the sport in the UK. Today we can announce the next initiative designed to help keep our athletes safe.

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Adrenalin at the Grand

Saturday nights alright for fighting but a Sunday is awesome, and the Sunday just gone was just that, as James Wallis yet again, put on another excellent night of fighting at the Grand Theatre in Swansea. A 19-fight extravaganza mix of K1 and MMA in a very grand theatre indeed. Let me just set the scene. A beautiful velvet seated auditorium, with a stunning cage set on the stage. VIP tables on the right of the cage and officials sat to the left, the whole layout worked a treat, with everyone able to watch the nights action ahead. As welsh channel S4C were filming this as part of a new contract to highlight the Welsh fighting talent, this was certainly one of the best shows to bring in new fans, and I managed to do that as I had brought my good friend Gemma Price with me, who runs the Boxing Pretty group, a group that train Women to box and put on all female boxing shows, Gemma became an MMA and K1 fan on Sunday night, as she sat with me and took in all the beautiful action in front of us.

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Battle Arena 44: The Review

Images courtesy of the fantastic Marc Moggridge

First of all, apologies, Battle Arena fans; my review is usually out within 24-36 hours of the event, this one has taken a lot longer to write. I always try to stay objective when writing about MMA. What the athletes (& promoters) put into events deserves nothing but respect and admiration, so I always do my utmost to convey that gratitude in what I write, especially when dealing with amateur fighters who do this for the love of the sport. I haven’t felt that I’ve been able to be objective since Saturday night, when halfway through a fantastic event, a small number of ‘attendees’ (for want of a stronger phrase) didn’t think through their actions. As those who know me can attest to, I’m not a fighter; but my temper was tested more than it has been in a while, so I needed to calm down to make sure that what I write is put down correctly and not purely out of annoyance.

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