The Secret Blogger: Refs with breasts

Written by ‘Steven Johns’ *

Does it really matter if a referee is male or female?

Is it a conditioned misconception that a woman can’t do the same job as a man? Especially in a male dominated sport that is, let’s face it, as brutal as a sport can be. Assuming women are any more sensitive to violence than men.

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John James Young on Mokaev:- “He’s a panic wrestler who just holds you down & does nothing!”

A frustrated John James Young after his last victory against Warren Mason, grasping the microphone & waging a war of words directed towards potential opponent Muhammad Mokaev.

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Lion Fighting Championship 11 : The Preview

Leo Alderman has had his hands full recently in the run up to his latest Lion Fighting Championship showing at the Casino Rooms in Kent. Numerous pull outs and injuries have made the usual rocky road of a promoters day more of a rocky mine field, but against all odds, Alderman has produced a fantastic card with plenty of exciting talking points. This Sunday 12th down in Rochester, Kent, there will be some wars, there will also be the long awaited return of a fighter they call Godzilla.

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Cage Warriors Academy review


The time had come again for me to don my Addicted.Otr hat and set off to this fight card that boasted an array of Amateur and Pro goodness from the hills, valleys and dales. Once again Richard Shore had conjured up a matchmaking delight, making the fights a total pleasure to watch, with non-stop action and some surprises, this event showed once again the wealth of local talent on display.

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Josh Plant: What’s next?


The dust has settled after Josh Plant’s dominant professional debut win on Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 4, we caught up with him to get his take on things.

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Torbjørn Madsen: I’m ready to put Bergen on the map

There aren’t many men in the world who’ve traversed the Atlantic Ocean in a submarine, have worked at three Michelin-starred restaurants in France and completed five years of a six-year clinical psychology degree, all before the age of thirty. In fact, Torbjørn Madsen might be the only one. He’s certainly a man of multiple talents and he’s ready to show the world that his fighting skills eclipse all of the others.

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Alfie Davis: The ARD Show is entertainment

The date, March 12th. The venue, The Casino Rooms, Rochester. The event, LFC 11 Battle of Champions. There is nowhere else in the world you want to be on a Sunday night if you’ve got even the slightest of interests in combat sports. From out of nowhere, Lion Fighting Championships’ head honcho Leo Alderman has pulled a series of rabbits out of hats; with the cherry on top of the cream, on top of the icing on top of the cake (yes, it has that many layers of intrigue) being a bout between the men they call ‘ARD’ and ‘Man Time’.

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Terry Brazier: I’m number one.

As the dust begins to settle from Alex Lohore’s seismic victory over Colin Fletcher at BAMMATOR Belfast last weekend, a number of fighters are taking a very close look at the changing demographic at the top of the BAMMA welterweight division; none more so than contender Terry Brazier.

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Preview: MMA Battle Arena 43

They’re baaaaaack! The UK’s purely amateur promotion, MMA Battle Arena are returning for their 43rd instalment, and this time they’re taking the city of Oxford by storm. What treats have they got in store for you this time? You may ask. Well, let me give you a run down.

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