EXCLUSIVE: Budo 19 – The return to Wales


Time waits for no man, and Budo Fighting Championships CEO Chris Clarke seems to be in a big hurry to go places. After this week’s seismic announcement that Budo FC would be introducing full medicals, including MRI’s to their events, fully funded by Budo; they’ve now exclusively revealed to Addicted OTR that they’re stepping up the game in their second foray to Wales.

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EXCLUSIVE: Two big bouts announced for WFS7


On Monday London based promotion Warrior Fight Series broke the news of their impending return, confirming that they’ll be again taking up residence in their historic York Hall home on March 25th 2017. After six action-packed shows, the team took a sabbatical as CEO/Owner Harry Shoebridge and his fiancée added to their young family in the summer. However, with new baby George safely delivered the main man is back in the saddle and bringing us more top notch MMA to enjoy.

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EXCLUSIVE: British favourite returns at ‘BAMMATOR’



On October 18th news filtered out of BAMMA towers, announcing details of their latest raft of signings. The European promotional juggernaut had signed Brian Moore, Jai Herbert, Dominic Wooding and Terry Brazier to multi-fight deals. This was then followed up 24-hours later with the seismic revelation that BAMMA 27 wouldn’t be the sole event at the 3Arena, Dublin on December 16th; they’re working in conjunction with global MMA powerhouse Bellator, who are running show number 169, headlined by King Mo Lawal vs Satoshi Ishii, on the same night.

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“Everything is now in place. Let’s make a fight team”


The message is loud and clear from BST Muay Thai coach-extraordinaire Jon Graham, as we sat down for a coffee to discuss his past, his present and his future in the martial arts world.

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Review: Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 3 – Part Two


Continued from Part One.

Refreshed from a twenty-minute break in the action, the crowd returned to their positions to enjoy the next instalment of action, starting with a bout featuring one of the best amateurs on the UK scene, Fabien Edwards. Edwards (7-0) faced Jack Chinnery (4-1) in the GTFP amateur middleweight title bout. The guys at UTC are excited about Edwards and you can see why. It took three quick failed takedown attempts from Chinnery for Edwards to find his range, but when he did the bout was over. Chinnery dropped for a single leg, Edwards connected flush to his opponent’s chin, right on the button and out his lights went. There’s not much left for Edwards to prove at amateur level. Any national or international level MMA promotion should be looking very closely at this boy and trying to get him signed up early.

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Review: Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 3 – Part One


“People seem to forget the Midlands”. When talking about UK MMA, so much of the chatter is centred around either London or the North of the country. Whether that’s just due to luck more than design, many people forget that the region of the country which boasts England’s ‘second city’ has its own fair share of talent rich gyms bursting with prospects desperate to break onto the scene and showcase their skills. The number of shows for the budding athletes to do this on is painfully shallow around here. The amateur scene is well catered for with the superb MMA Battle Arena team giving guys and girls a path for their initial career, but then after that there’s a gaping hole until you reach the upper echelons of the sport and the gateway to the big leagues, where BAMMA have Birmingham pretty much sewn up. Fortunately, the Black Country father and son Cassell-combo have identified the space in the market and sought to fill that gap with Golden Ticket Fight Promotions and boy, have they stepped up to the plate.
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Preview: Lion Fighting Championships 9


MMA, K1 and NoGi jiu-jitsu on a Sunday, you say? Yes please, I’ll have some of that; and that’s what the good people of Kent will be treated to this coming weekend as Leo Alderman brings the ninth instalment of his well reputed promotion to Rochester on September 25th.
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Terry Brazier: I’m a business man.

11029499_798989403483884_1808282134277737964_o (1)

2016 has been one hell of a year for Terry ‘The Dominator’ Brazier. From entering the year as a 2-1 pro, the NFM juggernaut has breezed through three opponents, got married, spent time training in Thailand and is now fighting for his first piece of professional silverware as he takes on Shah ‘No Pain’ Hussain for the LFC Interim Welterweight Title on September 25th.

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The resurrection of David Round


“Bro, I’m back”, David declared as soon as the tape started rolling. “I’m not retiring; I want to fight again. I’ve had a lot to deal with in my personal life in recent times; but other than one major issue, things are settling down. I’ve got a new partner, she makes me want to get up and train. My head is clear and I want to fight for the next couple of years, at least”.

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