Nathan Jones: A new outlook


Turning 30 is a seminal point in the lives of many. It’s the time when your youth is truly over and life starts to look very different. BAMMA welterweight standout Nathan Jones hit this milestone a mere 2 days ago.

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Addicted Picks: BAMMA vs UFC

UFC-LondonWhilst North American eyes will be glued to Fightpass this weekend to watch the return of MMA’s prodigal son, Anderson Silva; here in the UK we’ll be doing our Mad-Eye Moody impressions trying to simultaneously view proceedings in both London and Dublin as the UFC and BAMMA vie for our attention.

The Addicted OTR team have returned with our picks this week; and what a selection to choose from!
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Nathan Jones, you’ve been gone too long….



By the time Jones steps back into the octagon on Feb 27th at BAMMA 24 he’ll have spent nine long months away from competitive action. For a fighter on a 5-fight win streak, surely that can’t be ideal? But then again, perhaps The Supremes were Nostradamus-like in their prediction, when they sang “You said you had to get away to ease your mind, and all you needed was just a little time”; we’ll see when Mr Bag & Tag returns to action refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world along with his vision board in Dublin next month.

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