Torbjørn Madsen: I’m ready to put Bergen on the map

There aren’t many men in the world who’ve traversed the Atlantic Ocean in a submarine, have worked at three Michelin-starred restaurants in France and completed five years of a six-year clinical psychology degree, all before the age of thirty. In fact, Torbjørn Madsen might be the only one. He’s certainly a man of multiple talents and he’s ready to show the world that his fighting skills eclipse all of the others.

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Preview: GTFP 4

When looking at a promotion from the outside, the one thing you always want to see is progression. I don’t mean the stratospheric type all too evident in the brief history of UKMMA; I mean the general, sensible type, which demonstrates improvement show-on-show. Right now Golden Ticket are displaying all of the right attributes to fall on the right side of history, and the event they’re hosting on February 25th only goes to confirm that.

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EXCLUSIVE: Flyweights set to collide at WFS7


Continuing on from their earlier announcement on Bloody Elbow, London-based promotion Warrior Fight Series have exclusively revealed that they’ve signed another mouth-watering bout for their March 25th event.

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EXCLUSIVE: Budo 19 – The return to Wales


Time waits for no man, and Budo Fighting Championships CEO Chris Clarke seems to be in a big hurry to go places. After this week’s seismic announcement that Budo FC would be introducing full medicals, including MRI’s to their events, fully funded by Budo; they’ve now exclusively revealed to Addicted OTR that they’re stepping up the game in their second foray to Wales.

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‘The Reapers’ are coming


In life there are two types of people, those who do and those who don’t. At the tender age of nineteen, James Pullan discovered that he was one of those that do, and as a result of that, nearly eight years on, the UK MMA scene is reaping (excuse the poor pun) the rewards of his vision and guts. This vision is Elite Training Centre in Leighton Buzzard, housing a team with one of the fastest growing reputations in MMA, The Reapers.

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Review: Cage Warriors Wales


By Beccy Davies 

Saturday 15th October, and it was that time again. Cage Warriors Wales had crept up on us like a Welsh ninja; poised for the takedowns, armbars and rear naked chokes that were to become popular finishes on a Saturday night in Newport. The amateurs and pros came together on a fight card that had a few change-arounds; with Lew Long and Che Mills out and Jack Marshman signed to the UFC. However, all were still in attendance, cornering their team mates and protégés.

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Exclusive: Pimblett dismisses Crawford

Paddy Pimblett

The simmering row between two of the UK’s top featherweights has taken another turn today, as Paddy Pimblett has spoken to AddictedOTR to clarify a few points that have been banded around in the past week or so.

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Exclusive: Crawford cranks up the heat with Pimblett


A storm is brewing at the top of the UK featherweight division. Yesterday MMA Plus’ Andreas Georgiou announced that Daniel Crawford had been offered a fight with Paddy Pimblett on Cage Warriors but had turned it down.

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“Everything is now in place. Let’s make a fight team”


The message is loud and clear from BST Muay Thai coach-extraordinaire Jon Graham, as we sat down for a coffee to discuss his past, his present and his future in the martial arts world.

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Review: Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 3 – Part Two


Continued from Part One.

Refreshed from a twenty-minute break in the action, the crowd returned to their positions to enjoy the next instalment of action, starting with a bout featuring one of the best amateurs on the UK scene, Fabien Edwards. Edwards (7-0) faced Jack Chinnery (4-1) in the GTFP amateur middleweight title bout. The guys at UTC are excited about Edwards and you can see why. It took three quick failed takedown attempts from Chinnery for Edwards to find his range, but when he did the bout was over. Chinnery dropped for a single leg, Edwards connected flush to his opponent’s chin, right on the button and out his lights went. There’s not much left for Edwards to prove at amateur level. Any national or international level MMA promotion should be looking very closely at this boy and trying to get him signed up early.

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