The resurrection of David Round


“Bro, I’m back”, David declared as soon as the tape started rolling. “I’m not retiring; I want to fight again. I’ve had a lot to deal with in my personal life in recent times; but other than one major issue, things are settling down. I’ve got a new partner, she makes me want to get up and train. My head is clear and I want to fight for the next couple of years, at least”.

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Mehrdad Janzemini: Time to up the level


Mehrdad Janzemini has been making waves in the UK MMA community for the past year or so, with his brash confidence and questionable humour. Sporting a 4-1 professional record, you’d think that the 20-year old would be looking to slowly build his way up the domestic ladder before making an assault on the big names. Not likely. After three consecutive first round heel hook victories, the West Londoner has his sights firmly set on the upper echelons of the scene, today calling out UFC veteran John Maguire. In a series of Twitter posts, Janzemini elbowed his way into contention to face the ‘The One’ (23-8) on Russian based promotion ACB in Glasgow on October 1st.

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