The resurrection of David Round


“Bro, I’m back”, David declared as soon as the tape started rolling. “I’m not retiring; I want to fight again. I’ve had a lot to deal with in my personal life in recent times; but other than one major issue, things are settling down. I’ve got a new partner, she makes me want to get up and train. My head is clear and I want to fight for the next couple of years, at least”.

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Exclusive: John Phillips tops off a stacked Budo 16 fight card

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It’s here, the news Budo Fighting Championships have recently been teasing us with. Budo 16 sees BAMMA World Middleweight Champion, the knockout sensation John Phillips making his Budo FC debut, colliding with fellow striking phenomenon Jose Otavio ‘Javali’ Dos Santos Lacerda.

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Alex Reid: “This is about redemption”

BR5K9497September 25th 2010: Alex Reid made his way through over 3,000 fans in the packed NIA Arena Birmingham, the sound of boos echoed around him as he made the long walk to the cage. Self doubt filled his mind as he edged closer to the cage that would hold him captive for up to 25 minutes with one of Europe’s top fighters, Tom `Kong’ Watson. His train of thought was momentarily broken as somebody leant over the railings and struck him in the face. Minutes later, Alex found himself in the cage with Watson on the other side, staring a hole through him. Tom had made it clear that he was coming to make a statement and to humiliate Alex and as the MC announced both fighters the crescendo of boos rose to an unimaginable level. “How had it all come to this?” Alex asked himself.  Surrounded by bright lights, cameras flashed and through the cage wall he could see the faces in the audience twisted with rage and hatred, directing curses at him as they mocked with all they had. As Alex braced himself to go into battle a single thought passed through his mind, “they have forgotten who I am..” The bell rang.

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