Battle Arena 43: The Review Part 1

A five second KO, two disqualifications and the crowning of a new champion. If you’re a fan of drama, and I mean more drama than an Eastenders Christmas Day wedding, then Battle Arena 43 was the show for you.

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Preview: MMA Battle Arena 43

They’re baaaaaack! The UK’s purely amateur promotion, MMA Battle Arena are returning for their 43rd instalment, and this time they’re taking the city of Oxford by storm. What treats have they got in store for you this time? You may ask. Well, let me give you a run down.

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Preview: GTFP 4

When looking at a promotion from the outside, the one thing you always want to see is progression. I don’t mean the stratospheric type all too evident in the brief history of UKMMA; I mean the general, sensible type, which demonstrates improvement show-on-show. Right now Golden Ticket are displaying all of the right attributes to fall on the right side of history, and the event they’re hosting on February 25th only goes to confirm that.

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New bout added to WFS 7

When I go to an MMA event, one of my favourite things is enjoying a fight that’s slipped under the radar. A bout that no one has thought about, which ends up being an absolute banger. Well, I’m going to be an arse and tell you about the one that could easily fit that mound on WFS 7.

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The Secret Blogger: Say ‘mean mug’ 

Written by ‘Steven Johns’ *

I believe the year is 2017, I believe that almost every MMA/BJJ fan and fighter knows that the best fighters don’t all look like scary psychopaths, yet I can’t understand why there are so many dumb looking coaches and fighters still pulling the Steven Seagal ‘tough guy’ face in pictures?

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Preview: Hybrid Fight 8

If you’re in the Midlands this weekend and you’re a fan of fast paced, striking-based combat sports, then you’d be hard pressed to beat a night at the Greene King Stadium in Hinckley, the venue of Hybrid Fight 8.

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Nathan Jones: Bagging & Tagging


Tonight the heat in the BAMMA welterweight division turned up a few notches as championship contender Mr Bag & Tag, Nathan Jones, effectively called out three of his main competitors in one go.

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A tribute to Brett McDermott, The Spartan



Words by Beccy Davies

Images by Marc Moggridge

As Brett recently announced his retirement, the team at Addicted.OTR thought it quite fitting to pay a small tribute to this quiet, humble fighter who happened to hit any opponent with a strike likened to a ten-tonne truck. As both Marc and I have had the pleasure of working with Brett on BAMMA, we know how he doesn’t like a fuss, so we shall make a small one, just this once.

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