A look at the KGB Gym

13277932_10154251297178179_1982708831_nArticle by Beccy Davies

When I started this martial arts journey seven years ago, I had heard about a gym near Swansea that trained kickboxers and K1 fighters as well as running a very popular show in Swansea, called Adrenalin. I had seen their coach and founder James Wallis at various shows and events and he always seemed a friendly fellow, so as his fight nights gained momentum and his fighters advanced, I decided to write a piece on these guys as I felt they deserved some recognition, especially as they’re from a small part of Wales. They train solidly, as I found out when I visited the gym and saw some real talent. My training partner Michelle Walker took part in some training there and came away with a positive, new attitude toward K1 techniques.

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