EXCLUSIVE: Flyweights set to collide at WFS7


Continuing on from their earlier announcement on Bloody Elbow, London-based promotion Warrior Fight Series have exclusively revealed that they’ve signed another mouth-watering bout for their March 25th event.

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EXCLUSIVE: WFS 7: The title fight is on


Last week we ran an article featuring former WFS Lightweight champ Jefferson George demanding a rematch with Brad Wheeler, calling for “his title back”. Today, Warrior Fight Series head honcho Harry Shoebridge has responded to that request.

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WFS 7: Former lightweight champ wants his belt back


Social media has been alight with news today from former WFS Lightweight Champion Jefferson George demanding his belt back. George has reinvented himself in the past 12 months, and coming fresh off a victory in a K1 bout this weekend has demanded retribution.

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EXCLUSIVE: Two big bouts announced for WFS7


On Monday London based promotion Warrior Fight Series broke the news of their impending return, confirming that they’ll be again taking up residence in their historic York Hall home on March 25th 2017. After six action-packed shows, the team took a sabbatical as CEO/Owner Harry Shoebridge and his fiancée added to their young family in the summer. However, with new baby George safely delivered the main man is back in the saddle and bringing us more top notch MMA to enjoy.

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‘The Reapers’ are coming


In life there are two types of people, those who do and those who don’t. At the tender age of nineteen, James Pullan discovered that he was one of those that do, and as a result of that, nearly eight years on, the UK MMA scene is reaping (excuse the poor pun) the rewards of his vision and guts. This vision is Elite Training Centre in Leighton Buzzard, housing a team with one of the fastest growing reputations in MMA, The Reapers.

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WFS7: Bad Blood – Part Two


Last Wednesday Ben Linihan and Rob McAdam added a whole new layer of intrigue to their scheduled November rematch on Warrior Fight Series 7 with an online spat worthy of any bout. The back and forth began after McAdam accepted the Bermondsey based welterweight’s request for a rerun of their one-sided contest at Warrior Fight Series 5 in February and took public umbrage at his opponent’s view of their first fight, posting an expletive filled rant at the perceived slight. This then caused chaos to ensue as Linihan’s supporters jumped on McAdams, culminating in this from Linihan himself.

As is only right, we’ve given McAdam the right to reply, and the Londoner told us:

Ben has no right asking me for a rematch as I absolutely wiped the floor with him in our first match.

I will finish him again, end of story. I reckon I can knock him out on the feet.


Patrons of Warrior Fight Series should be in for a treat. This is definitely just warming up. By the end of the year the rivalry between these two could be red hot.

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Photo courtesy of Mark Blundell.

Warrior Fight Series 6: Preview


Warrior Fight Series returns to action tomorrow with their sixth instalment. Whilst the card isn’t littered with household names, it is intriguing nonetheless with a number of true up-and-coming athletes featuring and a now two titles on the line. 

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Preview: Rise of Champions 2

ROC poster


Rise of Champions returns for its second instalment tomorrow night at the City Pavilion, Romford. Headlining the event will be a battle of belt holders, as UCMMA middleweight champion, Mike Shipman takes on Ultimate Impact top dog, Craig White.

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